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Granny is a game for those who love horror elements that can entertain themselves. The player will play the role of a character confined in a room with an old woman with a mental illness. Do not understand what happened but after waking up you need to find a way to lớn escape from this house. Of course, there is not much time for you, all are only 5 days. Will continuing your life lượt thích everyone else or facing death be the way you choose? Even if you surrender to lớn a grim fate, that wicked old woman will not give you a decent death. Granny is the same old lady’s name, be careful because you may die.

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1 Download Granny gian lận – Escape from the house lớn survive

Her only downside is being blind, but that is your advantage. However, her special ability is her very hearing ears. All your actions can be discovered và have sầu a bad kết thúc. Granny lets the player participate in the escape lớn stay alive sầu. Time is limited, take every opportunity you can vì. But also need khổng lồ be really calm enough because Granny is such a scary old lady. If you want softer gameplay, try the game Angry Birds Friends, Spiral Roll for entertainment or horror gameplay.


Download Granny mod – Escape from the house to lớn survive

Granny is actually a simple game with a game mode for those who love to lớn chase. Of course, you are not actively pursuing. That psychotic granny won’t forgive sầu you if she finds out that someone is in the house. 5 days isn’t too long for you to lớn unloông xã the entire room and escape. The feeling of the thrill is probably the most obvious thing that players feel when experiencing this game. The player can learn more from the experience of being tortured by Granny. Although her eyes cannot be seen, her ears are very good in return. Also, you can’t run while she’s chased by her.

Runaway or die

Granny is always updating lớn add new features to make it difficult for players. Any noise coming out of the room would make Granny’s wrath rise up. No one is sure what she will bởi vì & will you survive sầu those times? But the advice of is that you need lớn be gentle in all cases, at least in this game. Granny gives players who find a meagre chance to lớn live sầu. If you don’t get killed by Granny, you won’t be able khổng lồ survive sầu after 5 days.

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What khổng lồ vì chưng when discovered?

If unfortunately discovered by Granny, how can the player be safe? I think many people will choose lớn run to escape. But the truth is that it only works to prolong your life a little longer. Even if you are a young man, the tốc độ of running cannot be better than this psychotic old lady. Bedbeds, wardrobes will be a more reasonable place for those who want khổng lồ continue living. Take a cover in it, because being blind, the chance of being found is always lower. But that doesn’t mean you can be absolutely safe.

Horror graphics, sound rarely mentioned graphics & sound in games unless it had something outstanding. Granny is also one of those few exceptions, horror elements mostly come from visuals and sound effects. I’m not sure if you play a game at night, will you have the courage khổng lồ go khổng lồ the bathroom? Granny has done a great job in the entertaining gameplay giving the player a play style that is both actionable but brings a lot of different emotions. Fear, suspense, anxiety … sounds a bit negative sầu, but those are the things you have lớn face.


Players will get stronger at least mentally after Granny’s challenging levels. Think of a way lớn get out of this disgusting house so you can live sầu like normal people. The dark scene embracing an old lady gives players a lot of memorable experiences. Download Granny mod to face the scary psychotic old lady and escape from this horror house.