Helix jump

Getting bored by the uninteresting games that are having on your thiết bị di động devices? Looking for a quiông chồng and casual kind of Smartphone gaming to lớn enjoy during your free time? Then you’ll surely find this amazing di động game from VOODOO extremely fun và interesting.

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It’s quite surprising how they could turn such a simple and unimpressive concept in such a fun và enjoyable game on your Android devices. Find yourself diving inlớn the awesome gameplay the moment you turn it on.

Explore & experience the enjoyable gameplay on Helix Jump as you take on your ultimate journey into lớn the surreal và interactive sầu world in this game. Take on the simple yet extremely enjoyable gameplay that you can piông xã up whenever you have the time.

Find out more about this amazing Mobile title from VOODOO with our reviews.


In the game, Android gamers will find themselves exploring & enjoying the casual gaming experiences khổng lồ the fullest. Play as a squishy và bouncy ball, jumping up & down on the screen lớn effectively get past the obstacles in your way.

Make your way down under the long cylinder with obstacles moving along its course. You’ll take control of the intuitive touch controls can feel không tính phí to lớn swing the cylinder around, changing the positions of the obstacles and create areas where your ball can bounce through.

Take on a series of interesting levels in the game as you experience this simple yet extremely addictive game. Compete with friends and online gamers for the ultimate high scores as you experience Helix Jump to the fullest extent.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has lớn offer:

Simple, straightforward, and extremely enjoyable gameplay

To start with, Android gamers will find themselves getting familiar with the game relatively quickly. That being said, you can easily make uses of the touch controls và effectively move the cylinders and all the obstacles on it in various directions. And your goal would be to lớn allow your bouncy ball lớn jump down lớn the lower màn chơi of the cylinder as you go. Avoid the red areas as the game would over if you touch them. Carefully direct the cylinder so you can move sầu on lớn your next levels. Using the intuitive sầu one-finger control, you’ll find the game extremely interesting và interactive sầu.

A series of interesting levels with escalating difficulties

And for those of you who’re interested, the game also features a variety of interesting levels with enjoyable và exciting gameplay for you to enjoy whenever you’re in Helix Jump. With escalating difficulties, you’ll find the early levels being extremely intuitive sầu and enjoyable. And as you progress further, the levels will keep on getting more difficult and allow the game to stay challenging. Hence, you wouldn’t feel bored even when you’ve played it for a long time.

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Smash through the levels with powerful forces

And if you’re somewhat frustrated by the amount of obstacles and the red “thingy” that keeps blocking your way, then it would be a great idea khổng lồ smash through them if you want to. That being said, you can prepare for your brilliant act by leading the ball through more than 3 different levels without touching its platkhung. And once you’ve gathered enough powers you can freely smash through the floors lượt thích it’s only a thin layer of glass.

Multiple in-game customizations on both the levels và the balls

Enjoy the fun & interesting gameplay of Helix Jump whilst experiencing the beautiful in-game levels. With randomly generated levels featuring different obstacles & color setups, you’ll never find the game being repetitive sầu. Plus, as you progress in the game, you’ll also find yourself having access lớn multiple in-game customizations that you can try on the balls, which would allow you khổng lồ change its entire looks as well as the visual effects when it bounces.


Play the game with or without the Internet

And lớn make the game even more enjoyable, gamers in Helix Jump will also find themselves exploring the incredible and interesting gameplay with or without your Internet connection. That being said, it would be perfect lớn play the game while you’re outside & don’t wish khổng lồ waste any of your thiết bị di động data.

Free to lớn play

Despite having all those amazing features, the game is currently không lấy phí for all Android gamers to lớn enjoy on their mobile devices. That being said, it’s relatively simple for you to just look for the game on the Google Play Store và have it downloaded on your devices for absolutely không lấy phí.

Enjoy the epic god mode with our mod

And if you’re finding the ads & in-game purchases being a little bit annoying, then you can easily go for our modified version of the game which offers the completely unlocked và không lấy phí gameplay of Helix Jump. And most importantly, you’ll also have sầu the chance to lớn experience the awesome God Mode that we featured on our thủ thuật. With this, you can freely smash through the red “thingy” without losing the game. Plus, it’ll also make the game more enjoyable & rewarding. All it takes is for you lớn download & install the Helix Jump Mod APK from our trang web.

Visual & sound quality


Gamers in Helix Jump will find themselves exploring the clean and intuitive sầu visual experiences. Dive sầu into lớn the awesome levels with beautiful geometric setups as well as funny looking and squishy “things” that we called the bouncy ball. Enjoy the clean và inviting graphics whilst enjoying the awesome gameplay with fluid animations & awesome visuals. And most importantly, with the undemanding graphics, you’ll also find the game being extremely playable even on your low-kết thúc Android devices.


For those of you who’re interested, the game also features the neat & restraining sound experiences so that you can find yourself fully immersed in the addictive sầu gameplay. Plus, it’s also nice if you wish khổng lồ listen lớn music whilst playing the game as you won’t be bothered by the in-game audio.

Final thoughts

Fans of the famous Smash Hit, Color Bump 3D, và a few other interesting titles on our website will now have sầu another great Smartphone game to lớn enjoy on their devices. That being said, it’s relatively simple and enjoyable for those of you who’re looking for a quiông chồng & casual gameplay on their thiết bị di động devices. In addition, with the completely không lấy phí and unlocked version of the game on our trang web, we don’t think that you need to look elsewhere.

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