Holy war

Dominations: Road lớn Civilization is coming bachồng lớn crowdfunding!

Dominations is getting another crowdfunding campaign! Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018, Dominations has been attracting rave sầu Review since its release inkhổng lồ retail in 20đôi mươi, including the Dice Tower’s Seal of Excellence. It i...

Apr 01, 2021

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What's new at Holy Grail Games?

It"s time for a catch up, everyone.We know that we haven’t been giving much news about HGG for a while, so we thought you might lượt thích to lớn know how we’ve sầu been getting on! All in all, HGG has been very lucky over this past year....

Mar 31, 2021

Rallyman Dirt is making a comeback!

Rallyman Dirt is making a comeback!Holy Grail Games will be bringing a br& new edition of this classic roll & move rally game by Jean-Christophe Bouvier to Kickstarter on July 2nd 20trăng tròn.After the success of Rallyman: GT, this new edition wil...

May 20, 20đôi mươi

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It's time for the Tichảy pledge manager!

The Titung pledge manager is open!It’s good news for Tichảy fans - the Titung pledge manager is now open! If you missed the campaign, you can now make a late pledge.Here is the liên kết to the project page on Gamefound: https://gamefound.com/pro...

Aquảng bá đôi mươi, 20trăng tròn

The Museum Deluxe cộ Pledge manager is now open

It"s good news today for Museum fans : the Museum Deluxe pháo Pledge Manager is now open!For this stage of the project, we"re delighted khổng lồ be using Gamefound for the very first time! All of our thanks to lớn the team for being so helpful & professional wi...

Apr 14, 20đôi mươi

Museum's Solo Mode is now available in PnP!

Museum"s Solo mode is now in PnP.. format !To help isolated Museum players during this time of quarantine, Holy Grail Games has released a Print and Play version for the Solo mode of the set collection game Museum.Originally only available lớn tho...

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