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Free Fire Rampage update was released on June 3, 20đôi mươi. It brings a lot of new content and features khổng lồ the game, including a brand-new character Wolfrahh & Lucas, new pet called Falteo, M82B guns và more.

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New Characters-Wolfrahh, Lucas


Wolfrahh is a new character added in this update. This person"s style is completely different from Lucas-he looks lượt thích an influencer or streamer on social media. The literal "subscribe" is embedded in his clothing, và the knowledge behind the character will be very interesting-in Free Fire, there is no other character lượt thích Wolfrahh with this background.

Wolfrahh"s ability is called "Center of Attention". This name also implies the ability of the new character. With this ability, it is best khổng lồ equip this character with a weapon that can be quickly sprayed khổng lồ achieve a better shooting effect.


Lucas is also a new character, Lucas" unique ability is "Hat-trick", và each kill score increases the player"s maximum HP pool. For fast players, this is actually very powerful skill. In order lớn balance the role, Lucas will only start with 200 HP at the game, which is slightly lower than the characters with the same character style. The best way lớn use this character in Free Fire is khổng lồ try lớn l& as soon as possible, grab the gun & find the player.

New weapon-M82B


The M82B is a xạ thủ rifle, available in "Classic Mode" & "Clash Squad Store". The weapon also provides special ballistic skills that can help reduce the strength of the glued wall in the final game. As far as the current information is concerned, this new weapon can only be obtained in the airdrop box.

New pet-Falco


Falteo is a bird. Falco"s functions are to increase glide tốc độ when the parachute is open and when jumping and diving.

New mode-Gryên Reaper

In Grlặng Reaper mode, players must become a Reaper after collecting a certain amount of Reaper"s power. After becoming a person, player can kill the enemy with one shot và count towards the number of people killed.

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Please continue to lớn pay attention to lớn, we will keep it updated, more games can be found in the game center.


Other Optimizations

Optimized UI for in-game mailbox.Added special facial expressions for Kelly “The Swift”In Cđại bại Combat mode, HP. regeneration from EPhường will increaseOptimized Emote Equipping mechanismAdded a setting lớn blochồng buổi tiệc ngọt invitations from non-friends.When holding down the fire button during reload, the weapon will fire instantly right after the reload animation.Adjusted newbie rewards.Optimized Armor display on players’ HUD.Added a “10 draw” option in the incubator.Added 30 seconds warm up period for all Close Combat modes.

Guild System

Available in all modes“The biggest pain point of the guild system was laông xã of effective sầu management tools. We’re giving Guild leaders and officers new administrative sầu powers khổng lồ give them an easier time managing và growing their empire. ”Added new sign-in rewards.

Guilds can now add màn chơi and rank requirements for applicants.

Guild officers will now have sầu access to lớn all the management functions besides appointing new officers & disbanding the guild.

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Training Grounds

New areas & items added“Vehicles and gloo walls are two of the most requested items from the Training Grounds. We’re adding both items in this patch after we freed up some space in the practice range.”Separated the shooting range and the practice zone.

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