Stickman ghost 2 apk+ mod+ obb 6

Stickman Ghost 2: Galaxy Wars - kích hoạt RPG Offline 6.6 time_update

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trò chơi APK: Stickman Ghost 2: Galaxy Wars - Action RPG Offline Haông chồng Mod for ANDROID

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Entertainment Game
A lot of gold coins và diamonds

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Stickman Ghost 2 - The best RPG game - offline action game 2019!Stickman Ghost 2: Galaxy Wars is the best offline RPG game that you have never experienced. This offline RPG game is also the perfect combination between fighting games và action games. In this League of Stickman version, the stiông chồng anh hùng returns to a more attractive, challenging gameplay in a combination of stichồng and war games. Transform inkhổng lồ a ninja siêu nhân.Stickman people in Stickman game lớn fight stichồng & robot enemies. In this new version of the game, the stickman superman in Stickman game will come bachồng with the fight screen as well as shooting in the galaxy extremely attractive. Promise to lớn be the best game of 2017.FIGHT IN DEEPhường SPACEFight the stichồng enemies on the plates, use stickman weapons to lớn become stiông xã master of quality space mission galaxy battle. Your mission is lớn fight ninja, sniper or cruel robot. Each different planet, you need lớn have sầu the powerful weapon to lớn hachồng & slash or shoot the enemies.BATTLE - CHALLENGE ⚔️A fun RPG game about transsize cartoon stickman with awesome fighting & action skills. Overcoming 50+ challenges in game mode with the ultimate shooting skills of stickman. Use tactics & fellow weapons to fight against monsters in the galaxy & unloông xã other areas.DEFENSE - RPG⚡️This stiông xã game is a novel combination of fighting games and RPG games. You fight constantly with monsters and defeat the trùm cuối. Collect và upgrade your stickman.UPGRADE, EVOLVE, POWERFULYou will fight so many powerful enemies in deep space, they are ninja stiông xã, witch, robot or stickman warriors in stickman game. So how bởi vì stickman revenge in Stickman Ghost? Skins, weapons and guns will make stickman ninja warrior stronger. Upgrade & evolve sầu your weapons and guns to use powerful skills in battle. Buy & nâng cấp your skins khổng lồ protect you in battles with alien robots. Pets và spaceship are very important, they will assist stickman fight và power up stickman warrior.FEATURES:RPG offline story mode with 100+ stages100+ items with an amazing nâng cấp system.Talent system with skill tree.100+ main quests & daily missions.Stunning graphics and amazing sound effectsGlobal leaderboardHaông chồng & Shoot And SlashPVP Aremãng cầu Online BattleOfficial Facebook Page:
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