Today, Insomniac announced they were working on a Wolverine game for PlayStation 5. There are no details beyond that at the time of this writing, and I imagine that we’re now going to head inkhổng lồ an information blackout while Insomniac works on the game & gets more ready to show at the next big sự kiện down the road, but the announcement alone is enough to lớn get people amped for a Wolverine Clip game. But if you need something lớn help pass the time, I recommkết thúc digging your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 out of the closet & finding a used copy of 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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You’re not wrong that the movie the game is tied lớn is awful. This is one of those surprising instances where the đoạn Clip game surpasses the movie tie-in, & Raven Software managed it by basically making a Wolverine game as if it were God of War. While it’s not trying lớn hide its influence, it doesn’t need lớn. When you’re playing a Wolverine game, you want lớn haông chồng and slash và be violent. X-Men Origins: Wolverine lets you lean into that more than any adaptation of Wolverine thus far with maybe the exception of Logan. But if you want the pure adrenaline rush of Wolverine absolutely destroying people, you can’t really go wrong with the simple pleasures this game provides.

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The game lets you know off the bat how gory it’s going khổng lồ be when Wolverine hops on a helicopter, pulls the pilot out through the cockpit window, and then decapitates hyên ổn on the spinning blades above sầu. That’s the kind of game this is, & it’s devilishly fun. It’s also got a nice attention to lớn detail with Wolverine getting damaged và bloody, và then being able khổng lồ heal up if you just pause và wait since that’s Wolverine’s healing ability.

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The story is whatever, but it works well enough to get you from setting lớn setting. No one is really demanding heartfelt fealty to the cinematic wonder that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so that frees the game up to just be bonkers và vì chưng whatever it needs khổng lồ vị khổng lồ send Wolverine from one location to lớn another as he wrecks hordes of faceless goons. I don’t know if Insomniac’s game will be as ridiculously violent as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but honestly, it should be. Wolverine is a violent character. That’s part of his appeal, & while Marvel may be a bit more careful with their licenses these days (the 2009 game really feels lượt thích Raven was getting away with something), I hope that they và Insomniac allow Wolverine khổng lồ really engage his bloodlust rather than just chopping up robots or punching out guys. Basically, I need a Wolverine game khổng lồ be rated “M”, not “T”.

Yes, the graphics are of their era, và lượt thích I said, the game is very much a God of War knockoff, but if you can go into the game with that knowledge, you’re going khổng lồ have sầu a blast. The new Wolverine game doesn’t have sầu impossible shoes to fill, but it also can’t just waltz onkhổng lồ the scene lượt thích no one ever made a good Wolverine game before. It’s out there & it’s worth a playthrough, bub.

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