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It’s Hacks, Bro!

Pokémon Tower Defense was a breakthrough hit for Sam & Dan games that propelled their chất lượng blkết thúc of Pokétháng và Tower Defense lớn internet fame & worldwide success. Its appeal to lớn fans of the long running series as well as tower defense enthusiasts is no surprise, và neither was the release of Pokémon Tower Defense 2. The second title improved on the first và now has more fans than ever, but you cannot escape the fact that the game requires quite a bit of time khổng lồ be invested in it in order to lớn make progress. The nature of training Pokétháng makes it difficult for you to lớn reach a good standing in the game without dedicating time to lớn level up your Pokétháng. Thankfully, Pokétháng Tower Defense 2 hacked provides you with more experience points và other time-saving work-arounds so that you can enjoy the rewards of the game more quickly without having khổng lồ endlessly grind levels. Continue Reading

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Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked – All the tower-defense action with none of the fuss


The hacked version of Pokétháng Tower Defense 2 is identical khổng lồ the original. The game still requires that you capture and train Pokémon to lớn use in battles against others.

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The Pokétháng act as your towers, & most often you are defending the Pokétháng themselves from harm, but occasionally, there are mini-challenges like saving rare candies and other items from being stolen by wild Pokémon. The battle scenarios are also identical lớn the original, with the use of the many battle zones in which you place your Pokétháng in the best positions lớn attachồng enemies. The only difference in the battles in Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked is that more experience points are awarded for each kill. This results in your Pokémon being able lớn cấp độ up more rapidly & therefore become stronger without having to lớn spkết thúc hours training them up with un-hacked experience point levels.

Other advantages that you have over the un-hacked game is the receiving of more money per kill, và perhaps more usually, being able to lớn capture Pokémon after just one hit instead of having lớn wear its health down khổng lồ the red zone like in the original version.

Pokétháng Through & Through

Devotees of the Pokétháng franchise will appreciate the game’s loyalty to lớn the original Pokétháng games in every way. The number of Pokémon available is generous, and their levelling up, move sầu sets, evolution levels, & type-specific strengths/weaknesses are all included in the game. You can even breed Pokémon và trade them with other players. Even the graphics và music are identical lớn the earlier Nintenvì GameBoy games: just listen out for the 8-bit soundtraông chồng & the stylised low-resolution graphics. Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked plays identically to the original, but it just makes things a little easier for people that are unwilling lớn invest large amounts of time into lớn training up their Pokémon.