Generic Pnp Monitor Là Gì

The Generic PNP Monitor problem in Windows 10 occurs because the connected monitor is not properly recognized by the system. The “Generic PNPhường. Monitor” problem appears on desktops computers or when you ‘re using an external monitor with your máy vi tính, và is caused for one of the following three (3) reasons:

The driver for the display adapter (VGA) is incorrect or not installed.

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The driver for the Monitor is not properly installed.

The Video Cable has problem.

-> Settings -> Update và Security -> & cliông chồng Cheông xã for Updates.


2. In Device Manager expvà the Display Adapters.3. Now perform the corresponding action, according your case:

Case A. If the installed display adapter is listed as “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” (like in the screenshot below), this means that the drivers for your graphics card are not installed.


b. At the next screen, cliông xã Search automatically for drivers and let Windows to lớn download & install the drivers for the display device. *


b. Select the Driver tab & then cliông chồng Roll Back Driver.


d. When the driver rollbachồng is completed, restart your computer.

Method 3. Uninstall the Generic PNP Monitor device & Reconnect the Monitor.

1. Navigate lớn Device Manager.2. Expvà Monitors.

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3. Right-click at Generic PnPhường Monitor and select Uninstall device.


5. Shutdown your computer.6. Turn off your monitorremove sầu its power cord from the plug.7. Disconnect the đoạn phim cable from the computer.8. Leave the cords unplugged for 2-3 minutes and then reconnect all the cables.9. Power on your PC, & kiểm tra if the problem is solved.

Method 4. Install the Generic Non-PNPhường Monitor Driver.

1. Navigate khổng lồ Device Manager.2. Expand Monitors.3. Right-clichồng on Generic PNPhường Monitor và select Update driver.


4. Select Let me piông xã from a các mục of available drivers on my computer.



Method 5. Try with Another Video Cable.

The final method khổng lồ resolve the ‘Generic PNP Monitor’ issue in Windows 10, is khổng lồ connect your PC with your monitor with a different cable. To bởi that:

* Note: This method applies only to lớn desktops, or when you use an external monitor with your máy vi tính.

1. Shutdown your PC.2. Replace the video cable with a similar one, but from a different manufacturer.3. Power On your PC.

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