Leaping up as Global No.

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1 Cultureplex by providing service và inspiration và leading total lifestyle in addition to lớn offering the movie screening environment based on continuous evolution.

CGV was opened in 1998 at Gangbyeon & has led new trkết thúc of movie watching by introducing the first multiplex in Korea. It possess the largest number of screens và chain in nationwide and has recorded overwhelming no. 1 in diverse customer satisfaction surveys with the best brand power.

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CGV will not stay with the status of Korea’s No.1 but continue putting efforts lớn offer "Evolving beyond Movies."

Providing diverse fun & special experiences at the first, the best, và the unique space.



Absolute Cinema Experience4DX is a special screening room for experiencing with the five sầu senses through environmental effects, such as water, wind, light, fog, and scent, while motion seats move accordingly lớn movies.IMAX


IMAX NEVER COMPROMISEIMAX realizes vivid sound through high output speaker with customized kiến thiết of the large screen for the best immersion on any seat. SCREENX


Beyond the FrameScreenX is the first in the world multi-sides screening system jointly developed with KAIST.The three screens including the front & two sides offer maximum 270 degrees of sight lớn audiences. SPHEREX


Ultimate Immersive sầu SpaceSphereX is the most evolved screen offering spatial immersion.You will experience the spatial immersion as if ‘surrounding me’ with the ultimate synergy made by special screen, sound, và seat. SOUNDX


Enjoy the visible sound systemSoundX offers the best sound through 51 speakers behind the screen, walls, & even ceiling based on 3D sound system khổng lồ watch the movie as if real. STARIUM


Premium Super Large ScreenSTARIUM is registered in the Guinness Book of Records in 2009 as the largest screen in the world (31.38mX13.0m).The best in the world ‘laze image total solution’ is equipped in this premium screening room.