One of the most common attacking strategies used in Clash is the "GoWiPe" attaông chồng.

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The name GoWiPe comes from the first two letters of the primary troops used in the strategy: Golem, Wizards, and Phường.E.K.K.A. It uses these specific troops because golems have sầu the highest hit points of any troop in the game, wizards can giảm giá khuyến mãi the most damage per second, & Phường.E.K.K.A. have both high hit points và extremely high damage per second (though they attachồng slowly).

During your attack, the goal is to lớn utilise your golems as a meat shield to absorb damage while your wizards & Phường.E.K.K.A. follow closely behind destroying buildings, heroes, and defences.

The primary advantage of this strategy is that it is very good at achieving 2 & 3 star attacks no matter the base. While it’s very effective, it’s also very costly & timely to lớn make; thus, it’s typically used for war attacks or during a trophy push, & much less so during traditional farming.

While there are differences between GoWiPe attacks at the TH8, TH9, và TH10 levels (discussed below), they all follow the same principles of how lớn attaông xã the base.

Generally, the attachồng should focus on the side of the base that has the highest damaging defenses and heroes. You’ll want to take out these first as they’ll vày the most damage to your troops. Having them destroyed early, while you have sầu the majority of your troops still alive, allows your troops lớn defeat them quicker and continue to lớn push through the base.

A typical troop biến hóa for GoWiPe at Town Hall 8 is as follows:

Troops: Golem x 2, P.E.K.K.A. x 2, Wizards x 16, Wall Breakers x 10, Archers x 6Spells: Heal x 1, Rage x 2, Poison x 1Clan Castle: P..E.K.K.A x 1 (Max – Level 5 Recommended)

The troop composition is just one recommendation. There are tweaks (discussed below) that can & should be made as you become more advanced with the attaông xã strategy.

So how khổng lồ vì chưng a GoWiPe attack?

Before going over a step by step attaông xã approach, there are several key tips that that will help you perfect your GoWiPe attacks:

Use your golems as a meat shield. They absorb the damage while your other troops follow closely behind and deal the damage.Clear enough buildings from the sides so that your P..E.K.K.A. funnel towards the center of the base.Space out your wizards enough that one splash damage defense (or Giant Bomb) does not kill multiple wizards.

And now, the step by step GoWiPe attaông chồng guide:


Drop your two golem one on side of the base spaced out enough that one defense cannot hit both of them.

Skết thúc in a few wizards spaced out to begin clearing the outermost obstacles (usually collectors).

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Drop wall breakers in groups (usually two at a time) to break through the outer most layer of wall. You want khổng lồ skết thúc them in closely together in a group large enough lớn break through the outermost layer of wall. Continue to drop wall breakers until you have broken through more layers of the wall.


Skết thúc in more wizards spaced out khổng lồ begin clearing the inner layers of the defenses.

Drop your P..E.K.K.A., which will hopefully funnel to lớn the center of the base.


Use your rage spell as your troops get to lớn the center of the base near the town hall.

Watch for when your troops run into defenses và need to lớn be healed.

Use your second rage spell to help power your troops through the 2nd half of the base.

chú ý on steps for troop deployment: These steps are a general rule. Depending on the base, you may want khổng lồ flip several steps. For example, you may want to lớn deploy your Phường.E.K.K.A. early in the attachồng if there’s an easy pathway khổng lồ the Town Hall.

The above sầu troop composition is just one recommendation for an army composition. Tweaks can be made depending on the base or what you feel comfortable with as an attacker. Some tweaks that can be made are:

Bringing Valkyries in substitution for a few wizards.Bringing additional archers to lớn pick off easy outside buildings.Bringing witches in your clan castle.This requires donations from a Town Hall 9 player. If witches are substituted for P.E.K.K.A., the attaông chồng is also known as GoWiWi (Golems, Wizards, & Witches). This strategy can be extremely effective for extending attacks as witches regenerate skeleton armies.Bringing a giant khổng lồ lure the clan castle before engaging your main troops.If you choose lớn lure the clan castle first, drop the giant within range of the clan castle release. Your giant should head directly towards the closest defense. Once the clan castle troops have been released, drop one archer near a non-defense building that is out of range of all other defenses. The clan castle troops will then traông xã to lớn your archer. You can then drop archers and wizards khổng lồ kill the clan castle troops before beginning your attaông xã and dropping your golems. Note: this strategy takes quite a bit of time. You should monitor the 3:00 minute clock to lớn make sure you don’t run out of time.

In addition to tweaks of troop composition, tweaks by Town Hall màn chơi should be made. Below are recommended build outs for Town Hall 9 và 10. The major difference when moving from Town Hall 8 to lớn 9-10 is the addition of a 3rd (and 4th) golem. This is necessary because the defenses at the upper Town Hall levels khuyễn mãi giảm giá significantly more damage per second. Additional meat shields (golems) are needed to lớn protect your troops.

Town Hall 9 Troop Recommendations (2đôi mươi Troop Capacity – 30 Space in Clan Castle)

Troops: Golem x 2 (3 total with CC), P.E.K.K.A. x 2, Wizards x trăng tròn, Wall Breakers x 10, Archers x 6Spells: Heal x 1, Rage x 2, Jump x 1, Poison x 1 Clan Castle: Golem x 1 (Max – Level 5 Recommended)

lưu ý on spells: if attacking a lower cấp độ Town Hall 9 with lower level walls, a jump spell may not be needed. Bringing an additional heal spell may be more useful.

Town Hall 10 Troop Recommendations (240 Troop Capađô thị – 35 Space in Clan Castle)

Troops: Golem x 2 (3 total with CC), P..E.K.K.A x 3, Wizards x 19, Wall Breakers x 12, Archers x 5Spells: Rage x 2, Jump x 1, Freeze x 2 Poison x 1Clan Castle: Golem x 1 (Max – Level 5 Recommended), 1 Giant (Max)

chú ý on spells: if you are attacking a Town Hall 10 with infernos, heal spells will not work. Replace heal with freeze spells as a general rule. If attacking a Town Hall 9 as a Town Hall 10, continue khổng lồ use heal.

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