Guitar Pro 7

It’s time lớn update your Guitar Pro. Cheông chồng out the full menu of improvements brought by this new update in this article.

Full list of improvements and correctionsImprovements

Improvement of the Windows 10 Fretlight guitar công nghệ Bluetooth không dây detection Improvement of the fingerings’ indications collisionsVarious stability improvements


Fixed printing issues on WindowsTuner & line-in issues on macOS fixedFile tìm kiếm field which didn’t found systematically the filesRelative tonality is now taken into trương mục if the option “Play while editing” is activatedFixed zoom out issueFixed tempo automations shifting on deleting bars undo/revày.Restore import of .gtp filesRestore fingering import of MusicXML filesRestore the visual delay of the edit cursor when entering fretsRestore all available shortcuts in the drumkit viewFix of the import of TablEdit documents – However an update of the .tef format prevents full compatibility with Guitar Pro 7 for the momentFix of faulty behaviors when shifting an octave or semitone

How to update Guitar Pro?

Launch the updater to start using Guitar Pro 7.5.5:

Windows:Help menu > Check for updates…macOS:Guitar Pro 7.5 menu > Cheông xã for updates…

If your updater does not launch, you can download the lakiểm tra version of Guitar Prohere.

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Hi Gergely, this feature is not available I’m afraid sorry, but I have sầu shared your question as a feature suggestion to the team, thanks a lot.


I really like guitar pro, especially the multiple voices feature for a single instrument. Is it possible lớn play a single voice independently in case of an instrument which has 2 or more voices? Each voice is editable, but I can’t seem lớn figure out how lớn play them independently.

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Many thanks in advance!


This software is almost overwhelming in respect of how feature rich it is và easy lớn use. In just a month I have produced loads of practice pieces. However, here’s a suggested improvement for the next update: Flamenteo guitar makes extensive sầu use of right hvà strumming techniques of chords (not just rasgeado) which are shown as up and down “brush strokes”. Different right h& finger are used for this (normally different combinations of p, i, m and a). However Guitarpro doesn’t really recognise this và only has right h& fingering against individual notes, not against up/down brush strokes. Is it possible khổng lồ modify the brush stokes buttons to include an options thực đơn for inclusion of p, i, m & a (và not just one of these at a time but, for example, m and a)?


Hi, sorry for the moment it’s only possible lớn show “Phường.M” on top of the tablature, I have sầu sent your request lớn the team, thanks.


Thomas Duflos - December 8, 20trăng tròn at 5:03 pm

Bonjour Tamer, vous pouvez contacter notre tư vấn ici merci :

Tamer - December 4, 20đôi mươi at 8:59 pm

Bonjour; je viens de télécharger Time de PF. La tablature n’ouvre pas. Dois-je obtenir la version 7.5 au lieu de la 6 sur tháng téléphone? Merci

Please tương tác our tư vấn here: We will check if it comes from GPhường or not. Also you could specify in which software you are trying khổng lồ open these files? Thank you! Thomas

When will the MusicXML export feature be fixed? There’s no notation software that imports an MXL file that was exported by Guitar Pro cleanly. Either the notation doesn’t show up, or the measures are all crammed together. Please help

Michelle Qureshi - November 20, 20trăng tròn at 3:53 pm

Is Guitar Pro 7.5.5 compatible with Big Sur?

Rock1987 - November 3, 20đôi mươi at 4:02 pm

In Guitar Pro, the word “P..M.” used to appear on staff, but now appears only in TAB.Why is that?Can we go bachồng in time…Can also be displayed on staff??

Something is messed up with some tabs now.Some notes that have been shown only once & where lớn “ring out” are now shown more often lớn be played again.The tab is a .gp5 tệp tin và was shown normal on 7.5.4 và just changed after updating

Snake - October 1, 2020 at 3:24 pm


You can already use VST using a MIDI bus if you change the output to lớn MIDI

Dave sầu - September 29, 2020 at 4:23 am

Please, patternship with some vst virtual library company…Ample Sound for example…for a vst support…would be awesome have sầu real good sounds in guitar pro…better lớn compose

out of curiosity, when will it be possible to adjust the tuning of the entire score in one go?

At this moment if i want lớn change the tuning i would have to lớn vì chưng so manually on every traông chồng involved,

it would be ikhuyến mãi if it were possible lớn select which tracks (or all tracks) i would want to lớn adjust the tuning of, và then bởi vì so in a single go.

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