9 Best Hack And Slash Games For Pc

Trying to find the best definition for the hack and slash genre is much lượt thích trying khổng lồ pinpoint some of the best games within it. It’s an arduous task that requires a lot of contemplation, plenty of thought, and a little bit of luchồng that what you’re thinking matches the majority definition. After plenty of time & deliberation, we’ve sầu decided that there is only one true way to lớn define a hack và slash game – it has swords và other pointy objects.

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Okay, we know it’s not that simple, especially since modern haông xã & slash titles are generally married with other genres. The following selection of games defines the genre at their core. When you pichồng them up and start playing them, though they may be very different in many ways, you’ll understvà what makes a great hack và slash title.

As with most of our lists, for a series of hack and slash games, only one entry was selected using an intricate system few would understand.

A dartboard. We used a dartboard.

The Best Haông chồng và Slash Games

25. Bloodrayne


Developer: LucasArtsPublisher: LucasArts

How bởi you appease Star Wars fans? By putting the Dark & Light sides of the Force at the tip of their fingers, letting them dual-wield lightsabers, immersing them inlớn a convoluted story of clones and the Galactic Civil War, all before adding a dash of Darth Vader.

The Force Unleashed II fixes some of its predecessors missteps to create a more solid gameplay experience revolving around fast-paced lightsaber combat. As the renegade clone Starkiller, players piông chồng up six months after The Force Unleashed and enjoys a game that’s all about the fanservice. Notable names from the film series, including Han Solo and Chewbacca, make an appearance in this alternate take on movie lore.

The real fun is in cutting down Stormtroopers & mastering your Force powers, including Force lightning & Force push.

23. Dante’s Inferno

Darksiders Genesis

Developer: Airship SyndicatePublisher: THQ Nordic

Darksiders III had a pretty cold release & failed lớn outshine its predecessors. Rather than try và revitalize the series with another 3rd-person haông xã ‘n slash RPG, Airship Syndicate (Battle Chasers: Nightwar) went for a top-down hack ‘n slash with Genesis. It really was the best move sầu khổng lồ make.

Players can swap between War và Strife on-the-fly in this all-new story, which picks up after the Horsemen attacked Eden’s Nephilyên. With more monstrosities to lớn kill, the two mix out across hellish landscapes and otherworldly environments lớn set into lớn motion the events of the original Darksiders games.

War & Strife offer differing playstyles, which adds a nice variety that can help players tackle more complicated fights.

21. Heavenly Sword

Hades game

Developer: Supergiant GamesPublisher: Supergiant Games

Hades is a hell of a good time that sends players on an epic battle against the forces of, well, hell. With the Gods of Olympus backing the Prince of the Underworld, players yield devastating powers that fuel the fast-paced action of this haông xã ‘n slash from Supergiant Games.

Hades is equal parts stunningly beautiful và delightfully entertaining. Its blover of classic mythology and an entirely new story works wonders khổng lồ push players forward. There’s an eclectic cast of characters waiting khổng lồ help or hinder the Prince, many of whom you’re sure lớn recognize.

Anyone familiar with Supergiant’s style from games like Bastion and Transistor knows exactly what they’re getting inlớn. And they’ll definitely be thrilled to jump right into lớn this hellish rogue-like hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler.

19. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition


Developer: Runic GamesPublisher: Runic Games

Before the words even form in your mind, no, this isn’t a Diablo clone. Sure, it shares the isometric graphic kiến thiết và top-down gameplay that Blizzard also happens khổng lồ use, but Torchlight II is an entirely different animal. As the Engineer, the Outlander, the Berserker, or the Embermage classes, players venture into the landscapes beyond the mining town of Torchlight lớn stop the Archmage that became corrupted after the original.

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With a pet at your side, you’ll cut through armies of corrupted monsters & men và explore the vast world surrounding Torchlight. Torchlight II is a fast-paced hack ‘n slash title that provides players with the means of personalizing how they play the game. The game is more open lớn class customization, which is enhanced through the mass amount of loot dropped by enemies & found through scrutiny of the environment.

Torchlight II is beautiful, features unforgettable bosses, & even comes with a co-op multiplayer that can support six players.

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17. Titan Quest


Developer: SegaPublisher: Sega

It’s difficult khổng lồ talk about the best hack và slash games & not bring up such a classic. By today’s standards, Golden Axe may be a little rough around the edges, but the side-scrolling, co-op multiplayer embodies the spirit of early hachồng and slash titles.

Equipped with a battle axe as Gilius Thunderhead the dwarf, a broadsword as Ax Battler the barbarian, or a longsword as Tyris Flare the Amazon, players battle through waves of enemies lớn square off against Death Adder.

Those are some incredible names và they may be one of the best things about Golden Axe; but that’s not khổng lồ say it doesn’t have solid gameplay. When a second player plugs in, the experience gets even better. There’s nothing like swiping through incoming enemies with a friover.

15. Path of Exile


Developer: Omega ForcePublisher: Koei Tecmo

Since its beginning, the Dynasty Warriors series has been a picture-perfect example of a hachồng và slash game. The core gameplay is exactly as the genre would lead you to believe sầu. As a warrior, you slice & dice through waves upon waves of enemies.

In later entries, especially the best of the series, Dynasty Warriors 8, the screen becomes a mess of fodder just waiting to lớn be cut down. The result is a beautiful display of attaông chồng animations and flashy action.

Dynasty Warriors 8 is true to the rest of the series but elevates the experience just enough lớn rise above sầu the rest. Players choose from 83 playable characters, most of which are unlocked as you progress through the game, & battle through hundreds of on-screen enemies that somehow don’t kill the game’s framerate.

13. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


Developer: Monolith ProductionsPublisher: Warner Bros. Interactive sầu Entertainment

There have been many games phối in the Lord of the Rings universe, but Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor may be the most satisfying lớn play thanks lớn its haông xã & slash RPG gameplay. As new character, Talion, a captain of the army of Gondor, players wield a sword, dagger, and bow and arrow, all the necessities required for cutting down an army of orcs.

Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System lets you target individual Uruk that are vying lớn become one of Suron’s captains. There is nothing more satisfying than setting your sights on a specific Uruk & slicing his head off in combat. In fact, many heads will roll as you perfect the dance-like combat of dodging và striking.

Shadow of Mordor is an incredible ức chế reliever with dozens upon dozens of orcs lớn dismember và maim.

11. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle


Developer: Grasshopper ManufacturePublisher: Marvelous Entertainment/Ubisoft/Rising Star Games

Thanks to Killer7 & the original No More Heroes, we already knew the development team of Grasshopper Manufacture was known for its zany gameplay & unique means of telling a story. No More Heroes 2 happens to lớn be one of its best efforts, exceeding the expectations phối by its predecessor.

Though it swaps out swords with the beam katana, it’s a clear-cut hack & slash game, which was a relatively new genre for the Nintenvì chưng Wii. The second adventure of Travis Touchdown (yes, that’s a name) still had the potential lớn fall flat on its face, but it winds up being a ton of fun that improves upon the combat and mechanics of No More Heroes. It doesn’t hurt that Travis dual-wields beam blades, which automatically makes anything better.

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