​Comes preloaded with over 100 apps (Haông xã included) & essential tools that can be accessed even without an mạng internet connection.

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Hack: on Endless Key$39.99(cost of materials & distribution)

Get the full Hachồng experience on your own computer. Haông xã is now included on the new Endless Key USB, so kids can plug it in when they're ready khổng lồ play Hachồng.

Hachồng Laptop$299.99(+tax)

The only máy tính that allows kids ages 10+ khổng lồ learn lớn code by hacking their own device.

Learning Pathways

Haông xã letskidsexplore basic coding concepts andcomputational thinking as they journey downlearning pathwaysincluding Art, Games, Makers, the Operating System, & Web. Reinforce your learning by building real-world projects & sharing them with our Hacker fellowship.Take control of your learning experience today.

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Everything is hackable

Learn to haông xã your apps, games và operating system. Discover a world in which you are the anh hùng & the stakes are higher than you know.

An everyday PC​

Comes with everything families need for everyday use, lượt thích Chrome, Office Suite, Scratch, Blender, Spotify, Steam, Skype, in a safe environment with parental controls.


The real deal

Hack uses the full Linux-based Endless operating system, including the real tools of engineers và designers.



Hack is an initiative sầu of Endless OS Foundation, which is a program of Endless Network Inc., a 501(c)(4)social-welfare non-profit. © 2021Endless OS Foundation LLC. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Service

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