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Angry Birds Go!
Rovio Entertainment Corporation
February 23, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Angry Birds – the fight against the green pigs of the colorful birds.

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Curiously, vì chưng the pigs & King Pigs ever done stolen all eggs of birds? They are the evil and cruel cause of plan khổng lồ eat all of them. Our brave sầu birds will not let the pigs reach their targets simply. Notoàn thân knows that this confrontation will never end. Temporarily leave the story about the crossbow with the birds, today we will learn about the game Angry Birds Go!, the era of spectacular racing. Not knowing in this story, are our birds meeting the green pigs?


The story

After so many unsuccessful attempts to steal eggs, the xanh pigs decided lớn send the lvà khổng lồ negotiate with the birds. They want to open a racing competition, taking place on Piggy Island that takes place according lớn some rules mix by them. If the floông chồng wins the game, they promise to lớn become hardworking farmers, not stealing eggs and leaving the isl&. If the birds đại bại, they must give them precious eggs. Will challenges be accepted by birds? And whose name will the victory?


Kart racing, Angry-style!

Join Angry Birds Go; you will become a talented racer who belongs lớn the bird side. Your mission is khổng lồ join the race, lớn win the race lớn chase the pigs away from the island. You and your teammates will control homemade, non-motorized vehicles, and race down the slope. Therefore, the control part is quite simple, just navigate và roll the finish first. However, at each race, you must complete certain requirements, for example, collect some fruit, or some gold. The racetraông chồng has only a certain length; if you ignore too many items that appear on the way, you cannot pass the screen. Moreover, some tasks are more difficult; you have khổng lồ roll the finish first.

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So you must not only equip yourself with excellent driving skills but also have sầu a strong enough vehicle khổng lồ surpass your opponents.


The system allows you to lớn customize your vehicle, nâng cấp the vehicle’s acceleration, handling, và power. Moreover, there are many other homemade cars in the garage, which have sầu beautiful shapes and are assembled with chất lượng parts for you to explore. However, you must take some sizable gold coins lớn get them. Work hard on the race, win to earn bonuses & unloông xã them. In addition, you can also replace your riders with some other characters such as Chuông xã, Terence, King Pig, Mustađậy Pig và more. Some of you have sầu to pay for unlocking, và some will be opened when you complete some particular tasks.


Angry Birds Go! It gives you two game modes parallelly. The first mode is following the plot, as I just mentioned above sầu. The second mode is multiplayer, và you can play with other players in the same system, or play with your friends via the internet connection. Interestingly, right!



Angry Birds Go! It gives us experience with beautiful 3 chiều graphics, designed with vivid colors. The characters are developed in a fun style, look very xinh đẹp, similar to lớn Angry Birds. Next are the homemade cars all was created to follow your ideas, which are new and unique. At first side, no one thought they could move sầu and just made for decorating. But in Angry Birds Go, they are tốc độ ghosts, which many people desire to get — finally, the scenery around the trachồng. You will be able to travel khổng lồ many beautiful scenes such as valleys, snowy mountains, forests, hills, … these scenes are very large, creating a sense of airy for players khổng lồ feel more relaxed. In short, Angry Birds Go graphics make me very interested, and there are thousands of positive sầu nhận xét about this. Don’t miss an exciting game lượt thích Angry Birds Go. Download & experience now!

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