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Since its opening in theatres, Transformers has really impressed audiences all around the globe. After watching this movie, we started to wonder “can our cars be transformed into robots & protect the world?”. The lachạy thử instalment of the series, BumbleBee, has also achieved very high revenue. If you’re wondering, why did I mention this transformation robot movie, the answer is it’s related to the game I’m about lớn introduce khổng lồ you. It is Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK (Unlimited Money), the lathử nghiệm game of the publisher Rovio.

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Table of contentsWhen Angry Birds combined with … Transformers

Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Angry Birds Transformers
Unlimited Money
Android 4.1

When Angry Birds combined with … Transformers

Angry Birds and Transformers, we would think that it has nothing khổng lồ vày with each other. Angry Birds are lovely birds living on tropical islands, while Transformers are giant robots from the universe. But with the great creativity of the developer Rovio, they brought us an extremely interesting game, a perfect combination between Angry Birds & Transformers.


Not a match-3 puzzle game, nor a trajectory shooter game, Angry Birds Transformers is an arcade & action-style arcade game. The gameplay of this game is similar lớn Jetpaông chồng Joyride. You will control the Angry Birds running across the screen, collecting gold and shooting blue pigs flying on the left side of the character. Right. They are not small and cute Angry Birds anymore. From now on, they are AUTOBIRDS, birds that can transform inlớn a car or a helicopter with advanced weapons. However, AUTOBIRDS cannot protect Piggy Island by themselves. To stop the Eggbot, they must ally with their enemy, DECEPTIHOGS.

Play with one finger

That right. You can play Angry Birds Transformers with just one finger. AUTOBIRDS automatically moves forward, all you need lớn do is touch the enemies, turrets & enemy fortresses to attaông chồng. Beware of some stone towers. It will fall on you when you run through it. Quickly touch the transformation button to lớn turn into lớn a car or aircraft, thereby increasing your tốc độ. Remember, AUTOBIRDS comes in two forms, robot and vehicle. And you can only attaông chồng when in robot khung. Overcoming all obstacles in a stage, you will advance lớn the next màn chơi. And you will be counted as a loser when your character is out of blood (indicated by the heart symbol).


Meet your favourite characters

As an Angry Birds game combined with Transformers, of course, players will be very interested in the character system. And great, the publisher Rovio has been very good at this. When playing Angry Birds Transformers, you will meet familiar characters of the Transformers series lượt thích Optimus Prime và BumbleBee in the shape of xinh tươi Angry Birds (Red, Chuck and Bomb). Even the Decepticons with the shape of the xanh pigs also appear.

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You can unlochồng cute & cool characters. Each character has a robot shape and has the ability to transform inlớn a different vehicle such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes, and more. The collection of characters in the game contributes to strengthening your team. You continue to upgrade characters, tăng cấp weapons to lớn have sầu enough power lớn overcome difficult levels. There are two ways khổng lồ tăng cấp your character, using gold or diamonds. Gold is the currency you can get on your adventure, but you have sầu to lớn wait a while (from a few minutes lớn a few hours). If you are not a patient person, consider using diamonds lớn complete the tăng cấp process immediately.

Some interesting modes

There are many things for you to vày in this game. Angry Birds Transformers brings players some very interesting modes. In addition khổng lồ the mặc định mode, you can try your best in Endless Run mode. Here, you will experience all the characters you have. If one Autobird dies, another will appear & continue the battle.


Besides, you can customize your Autobird by unlocking hats, armor or changing colors for robots. Create chất lượng robots with your creativity. The game has a lot of other modes và interesting features waiting for you. Do not miss!


In terms of design, Angry Birds Transformers has 3 chiều graphics with horizontal views on mobile devices. Sharp 3D graphics with lots of different landscapes on your journey. You will discover beautiful beaches, deserts, rainforests, caves or snowy mountains. Although it is an action game, the kiến thiết of the characters, the way they fight is very dễ thương & funny. Therefore, the game is easy khổng lồ suit all audiences, including children.

MOD APK version of Angry Birds Transformers

When I reached cấp độ 30, things got progressively harder. Eggbot has very svào firepower, and they have lots of stone towers. You must constantly transform into vehicles & cannot attack them. Our Angry Birds Transformers MOD gives you a lot of money & diamonds. You can upgrade và unlochồng new characters. With upgraded power, you can easily defeat all enemies and overcome difficult levels.

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Download Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK for Android

I think Angry Birds Transformers is a new và very funny Angry Birds game. Because each màn chơi only lasts about 2 minutes, you can play this game for hours, but can also play when you only have 5 minutes of không lấy phí time. Forget the slingshot, let experience the modern weapons in this unique Angry Birds game. Don’t forget to leave sầu a bình luận below the article if you lượt thích it.

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