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Cheetah Games
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June 5, 2020 (9 months ago)

In today’s society, many people are very busy with their work, so if they have sầu a short time to rest, they will always try lớn enjoy themselves to dispel the fatigue. Many people will have sầu different ways khổng lồ relax, such as chatting with colleagues, friends, walking, etc. But there are also people who choose lớn find games to lớn entertain & relax during breaks or không tính tiền time. There are countless games with different genres that can help players relax or kill time like those that are funny, light, & easy khổng lồ play. If you always want lớn have fun & relax on your device, today I will introduce you khổng lồ a famous game from Cheetah Games publisher, Besides, Cheetah Games is always famous for publishing light-hearted, high-entertaining games like “Dancing Line”, “Piano Tiles 2”, etc. This is also a place where you can find và Download fun and relaxing games in your miễn phí time.

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With “” you can play online or offline. After starting khổng lồ play, the system will arrange for you a match, in which you will alone have sầu lớn destroy other players with your bow và arrow weapon. To move sầu, use the left joystiông chồng. To attack, you will use the right joystichồng to navigate to lớn attachồng và release the joystiông chồng to shoot arrows. This game requires you lớn have the flexibility lớn use both joysticks khổng lồ easily destroy the enemy. While playing, if you defeat the enemy will get a certain amount of experience points, if the enemy you destroy has a higher cấp độ, the more points will fall out. There is another way to lớn level up, on the maps there will be scattered small exp points, you can constantly move lớn pichồng up these points, but the first way is still more effective. This is a basic game for “”, easy to control and fun lớn both dodge and attack the enemy.



Besides having easy, quick gameplay lớn adapt khổng lồ the game. The fun và appeal of the game are often expressed in special features of the game. The first is the skill after each màn chơi up when the player succeeds in leveling up, there will be 3 random skill choices, such as increased damage, rate of fire, movement speed, và the Skill lớn increase other character stats. In addition to the skills khổng lồ increase the index, players will also be able to choose other skills with effects such as scythe khổng lồ attaông chồng in front of a certain distance, or an additional arrow when attacking, spikes appear now when moving, shields move around players, etc. A multitude of skills with different effects are also being added in the upcoming updates, players will never be bored when exporting show the same skills in a row. However, to be able to create a balance for the game, the game will limit the number of skills you can choose, avoiding possessing many skills that create a great advantage for the player. Although the player will still continue lớn màn chơi up but will not receive any additional skills. With countless different skill types, players will always get skill combos that make the opponent uncomfortable & at the same time easier to knoông chồng out those who are stronger than themselves.


Although the game is named “” because, for the first time after its appearance, the mặc định weapon was the bow. But after a while, Cheetah di động added a number of different weapons in addition lớn bows and arrows so that players could easily find their own style of play.Besides weapons and skills, the attractiveness of the game lớn create more diversity and richness in the game, Cheetah sản phẩm điện thoại also adds different game modes in addition khổng lồ the default mode, including the following game modes

Fighting menu

This mode only allows you khổng lồ play alone, everyone remaining is your opponent. When you destroy an opponent, a new opponent will replace, the rule is repeated.

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Team battle

Each match will be divided inlớn 2 teams, each team has 5 people, the team that gains more points in a certain time is the winning team, besides, this is also a mode that allows you to lớn your friends or Entertaining colleagues together in a team.

Battle Royale

Different from the default mode in one point, whoever is destroyed, there will be no replacements immediately, if the last survivor of the battle is the winner.Besides those modes, you can also choose the rules for the mặc định mode, such as Rookie, Master, Fire Storm, Night Battle. Depending on your interests, you are không tính phí khổng lồ join.



The game is designed simply with 3D graphics, with the brilliant colors of the maps & each character has its own kiến thiết. The game ensures humor, fun and lively for players, besides the effects of weapons and skills are shown lớn be svào, creating a sense of the power of the weapons to the player.

If you always want an entertaining or relaxing game anytime, anywhere. Then “” will be a perfect choice for you.

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