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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attaông xã MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is one of the best variants of alien shooter!

Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack
1.500 (build 300500)
Unlimited Money
Android 4.1

About Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

The outer space of the Earth, also known as the Universe, is a place that contains countless mysteries & attracts the attention of everyone. This topic has been heavily exploited in movies, video clip games & has always received much love sầu from the community. So let me introduce you to a game also phối in the cosmic space. It is Space Shooter: Galaxy Attachồng.

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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attaông chồng is a product of Onesoft, the familiar publisher that I have sầu previously mentioned with Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. Both games have sầu a space shooter simulation gameplay. There, you will know that aliens are real & they are trying to lớn invade our world. A familiar topic on fiction movies right?

Guardians of the galaxy

On a clear day, the sky is green và clear, but who knows that behind the dreamy white cloud is a fleet of alien monsters coming to lớn invade Earth. They destroyed the squadrons dispatched by NASA to lớn stop them. Only you, the last anh hùng of the Earth, carry with you the mission of protecting the Galaxy from aliens. The destiny of all living things on Earth is in your hands. Do you know what to lớn do?


Battles in space

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attaông xã takes you inlớn the fierce battle in space. The place where only you in the spaceship & confront the crowd of aggressive enemies. Without teammates, you need to drive sầu the spacecraft yourself, aiming the muzzle at the enemy lớn destroy them. But it’s not just that, your enemies are state-of-the-art spacecraft that won’t easily take down & can counter-attaông xã you. The task is gradually becoming harder than ever!

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attaông xã has the same gameplay as the legendary game Chicken Invaders. From the beginning, you are equipped with a space battleship khổng lồ battle a swarm of enemies. But unlượt thích the previous game, there is an extremely interesting power tăng cấp system according to the game’s progress. Upgrade spacecraft và face the enemies.

Enemies & Bosses

Compared khổng lồ the enemies easily defeated in the first stage, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attaông chồng gives you a system with many warships và aliens. It comes with dozens of new spaceships with their diverse functions. In particular, the bosses carry in themselves the ultimate strength with state-of-the-art weapons.


Like Chicken Invader, in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attachồng, you have sầu the mission to rescue the galaxy from the hands of bad guys. In each different planet, in addition to lớn admiring their mysterious beauty, you also face different dangerous enemies. With countless modern spacecraft with deadly weapons, including cannons, fire meteors, laser bombs, … They are ready to lớn destroy everything. Especially with bosses, the amount of bullets fired is increasing và causing extremely high damage. So, besides taking them down quickly, you need to pay attention khổng lồ dodge the bullets, lasers và missiles. As the only hope of the Earth, you are not allowed khổng lồ collapse when the fate of mankind is still in danger.


A big part of your strength is based on the combat spacecraft. Compared khổng lồ an ordinary normal spaceship, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attachồng has more modern spacecraft for you khổng lồ confront increasingly powerful enemies. In addition, you can also manually tăng cấp your spacecraft more guns or nuclear missiles. The power of the spacecraft is complete và ready, just waiting on your combat and control lớn bring peace khổng lồ the universe.

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One of the notable things about Space Shooter: Galaxy Attachồng, which is the graphics. With the careful image unique, each of your matches is lượt thích a blockbuster movie with great lighting & special effects. Countless warships & monumental missiles ready to contribute khổng lồ the “space war party”. Trust me! The game will keep you from taking your eyes off your phone for even a second.

MOD APK version of Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

MOD Features

Unlimited GoldUnlimited GemsUnlimited MedalsUnlimited EXP.. CardsUnlimited Uni CardsUnlimited Items


Turn off mạng internet connection otherwise you may be banned.

If the trò chơi “Hachồng Detected”, please turn off the Internet and reopen it.

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Download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attaông xã MOD APK for Android

With Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter & now Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, the publisher Onesoft has proven its position in creating addictive space fighting games. That once again confirms the appeal of the space war games. What are you waiting for! Join the battle today khổng lồ protect the earth from the alien invasion.

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