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Coach Bus Simulator
Ovidiu Pop
September 14, 2019 (2 years ago)

Coach Bus Simulator – For a long time, buses have sầu become a public vehicle favored by office workers & students. In rainy or cold days, if you don’t want to drive sầu a motorxe đạp, the bus is a great choice. Moreover, the participation in traffic by bus also reduced traffic congestion, you can relax in the car & not have sầu khổng lồ jostle between people for hours. However, usually the day you join the bus as a passenger, bởi you now want to lớn swap places with the driver, và enjoy the joy of controlling this vehicle? Coach Bus Simulator will give sầu you a driver’s experience. This is a simulation game, released by Ovidiu Pop, a maker of simulation driving games. Now, let’s find out in this game, & see what Ovidiu Pop gives us!


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As introduced, Coach Bus Simulator allows you khổng lồ become a bus driver, and your task is to take và pichồng up passengers lớn stops on the pre-positioned route. Speaking of which, you will probably think about driving a oto baông xã and forth between a particular route, but Coach Bus Simulator is not like that. You will be able to lớn ride a bus through beautiful cities khổng lồ remote areas throughout Europe. Initially, the system provides you with a mặc định vehicle and gives you a particular route.

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You will use this vehicle lớn carry out the first pick-up & drop-off duties. During driving, pay attention to lớn the guide bản đồ located at the bottom of the screen, & stop the bus at the bus waiting points, và refuel the car whenever necessary. Because the authentithành phố of this game is quite high, you also need khổng lồ obey the traffic rules: stop when the lights are red, use signals to change the direction of travel, or turn on the lights when it’s dark. If you skip any stage, you will chiến bại points & get less bonus when completing the mission.

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Regarding control mechanisms, the system provides you with two views: first and third. If you choose the first view, you will be in the cockpit, with the full interior of a vehicle khổng lồ have sầu. The corresponding functions of the oto parts will display on the screen, và you just need to lớn touch them to lớn use. The third view is more spacious; you will get out of the cockpit & observe the whole oto, as well as the journey that the oto is moving.



Coach Bus Simulator brings an impression lớn the players in the background. Sharp 3D graphics. The game offers 6 different types of buses, has a variety và very eye-catching designs. Each coach is designed in detail to lớn each part, especially the interior in the cockpit. When you choose the first perspective mode, you will feel like a real driver. About the scenery, you will be traveling to lớn major cities in Europe such as New York, Chicago, France,… Each place has a beautiful view, will make you admiring praise. Moreover, the designer also brought weather effects và day & night cycles into lớn this game. Do you like the feeling of driving during the day, to lớn enjoy the scenery of the vast nature, or enjoy driving at night, lớn see the beauty of the lights spreading from the houses in the city?



Coach Bus Simulator is an engaging game that you should try at least once. This game is quite compact, so it is compatible with many phones & provides players with a smooth experience. Moreover, this game also has a Multiplayer mode that allows you to play with your friends. However, you must have a network connection khổng lồ connect with friends in this mode.

You are now ready to lớn tải về Coach Bus Simulator for miễn phí. Here are some notes:

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