With CTrần Ngọc Thành Xưng Đế điện thoại Mod APK, you can không tính phí lớn purchase any items in the CÔng Trần Ngọc Thành Xưng Đế điện thoại APK.CTrần Ngọc Thành Xưng Đế mobile is developed by VGPJSC.

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You are downloading Công Thành Xưng Đế di động Mod APK 2.0.0 for miễn phí.Grasp in the hands of hundreds of thousands of warriors, building a huge women. People of ancient times like heroes, but the king has only one. Your path from the hands of the Trắng building, bar code, storage of food, talent. Citizens occupied the land, quit the vassal, up the throne of the religion. Are you ready to lớn step on the throne?Congratulations to lớn the thiết bị di động World Congress has many attractive features waiting for you to lớn discover:- The system of generational mutual intellectual cooperation: the wounded, the soldiers, the cavalry, the war & the war.- More than 100 generals are ready khổng lồ lead troops: Van Truong, Nui Lu- Features real-time tactical spoiled brigade generals, devils undesirable- The system of promotion, competition, attractive competition choking- Bang war, PK, PVE quái thú Hoang Kim strange new identity- Event events, continuous updates are never boring- Give free VIPhường for gema faithful, afraid khổng lồ plow the countryThe game is fun, also free VIP., lets go & play Cong Xung De Mobile!

Approximate location (network-based):Allows the tiện ích khổng lồ get your approximate location.

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This location is derived by location services using network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. These location services must be turned on & available lớn your device for the phầm mềm lớn use them. Apps may use this to lớn determine approximately where you are.Find accounts on the device:Allows the app to get the danh mục of accounts known by the device. This may include any accounts created by applications you have installed.Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage:Allows the ứng dụng to lớn write lớn the USB storage.Read phone status and identity:Allows the phầm mềm to lớn access the phone features of the device. This permission allows the phầm mềm to lớn determine the phone number & device IDs, whether a Call is active, & the remote number connected by a call.Read the contents of your USB storage:Allows the ứng dụng lớn read the contents of your USB storage.Read your own liên hệ card:Allows the phầm mềm to lớn read personal profile information stored on your device, such as your name and contact information. This means the tiện ích can identify you và may sover your profile information to lớn others.View Wi-Fi connections:Allows the tiện ích to view information about Wi-Fi networking, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled & name of connected Wi-Fi devices.