Download CSR Racing 2 APK - latest version - mod lớn experience the thrill of shifting gears & making it to the finish line, without risking your life!

Information of CSR Racing 2 Mod APK 2.18.2

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CSR Racing 2
Android 4.4+
79.80 MB
Unlimited gold, cash

If you’re into vintage cars and unleashing their fullest potential, this is the game for you. More so if you crave sầu the adrenaline of drag racing! CSR Racing 2 would get you lớn the edge of your seat as you try to lớn get your oto at full speed!


What makes this drag racing game better than the rest? Well, this game is not just about racing. Tilting screens and managing the curves? Nope. You can’t play those in public. This is a simpler, pure head-to-head action. Only the finest tuned-up cars & the master stick shifter wins! Getting worked up? Read on!

Classic Car Restoration

This game features legendary cars from the 1960s. Ever dreamt of owning a McLaren P1? How about the Aston Martin DB5? In CSR 2 Racing, you don’t just get khổng lồ own them but you can now experience revving them up to lớn their max too!


Another thing. Unlượt thích the usual car games, when you unloông chồng a oto, the image remains the same no matter how much you upgrade it. When we said you’re going to lớn restore those classics, we meant you’ll see them all rusty. Yes, you read that right. You’ll race rusty classic cars. Slowly spkết thúc time restoring them until they become shiny và sophisticated!

Photorealistic Graphics

One of the highlights of CSR 2 Racing is its astounding highly detailed màn chơi of graphics. For the ultimate car enthusiasts, this game will give more than enough justice khổng lồ your favorite cars! Loving the curves of a Bugatti Chiron? You got it! There’s no detail small enough for CSR 2 Racing và honestly, other games need khổng lồ keep up with this! It’s 2020!


Get almost the same feeling of owning a Ferrari FXX K in real life. Not just that, you can customize it, tune it, & nâng cấp it as much as you want! Trust us, this is the closest you can get. This game is hyper-realistic, you’d wish lớn get inside the game và drive sầu it - or touch it at the very least!

Different trò chơi Modes

The CSR 2 Racing will never bore you! It has multiple game modes that you can play through & each màn chơi would make you want khổng lồ get that lakiểm tra tăng cấp for your car! Not just that, you will really keep on playing because, with CSR 2 Racing, perfect timing is everything. The difference between winning and losing can just be about your perfect start và shifts, minus the tuning. Each oto is different so you’d over up spending hours trying khổng lồ master the perfect start and shift timing.

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This game has the Ladder Mode và all those other modes to lớn keep you playing. Usually, most games will only let you play against computers. Not this game! CSR 2 allows you to vì chưng Live sầu Races where you can battle other players in real-time. Plus, you don’t have sầu khổng lồ play alone. You can join or create a crew and be the most prestigious!

Full Customization

What’s a oto racing game that won’t let you upgrade your cars, right? It misses the point. CSR 2 Racing knows the importance of upgrades so they decided to take it lớn the highest màn chơi. This is not the type of game where you just clichồng on the upgrades and know they’re there because you’re winning. That’s boring và way too ordinary for CSR 2 Racing.

This game allows you lớn nâng cấp all areas of the oto and actually lets you see which part you’re changing. It gives you a blueprint so you can have sầu a better judgment if that part is worth upgrading first. Apart from that, you get khổng lồ tune-up the tire pressure, nitro, and final drive sầu so you can get the most out of your cars!


Last but definitely not least, this game allows you to lớn customize the car fully up khổng lồ the very last detail. Usually, oto appearance is the least priority of other oto racing games. Not with CSR 2 Racing! They allow you to lớn customize down khổng lồ the calipers and the interior of your car! It can never get better than this!

Top Tips for CSR Racing 2

Perfect Start - this is one of the crucial parts of the game & one of the early determinants of your success. Before the countdown starts, it’s best practice khổng lồ rev your oto until the speedometer reaches maximum position. As soon as the countdown reaches ‘2’, release the accelerator so it hits the optimal rev at the same time the race starts.

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Boost Sparingly - Treat boosts as your salvation & use it only when you’re actually losing. When you get a perfect start và you keep hitting the optimal shift timing, the more you shouldn’t use the boost. However, the perfect start và timing is not everything. Sometimes, it has something to do with your car’s tuning. Whichever the case, if your opponent is getting ahead of you, that’s the only time you should hit boost.


Switch Up Nitrous Oxide - Different types of races calls for a different balance in your NO. If you’re up for a half-mile race, you’d want lớn decrease the power of your nitro and increase its duration. However, if your car has low acceleration, go for a shorter but powerful NO duration.

Keep Tweaking - Before entering a race, you’ll see the race’s duration. Tune-up your oto so you can increase your chances of winning. If you lost, don’t be quiông chồng lớn exit the screen. Look at where your opponent beat you. Lastly, if you just can’t keep up, observe sầu how your tire spins during a race then tweak the pressure lớn get its optimal performance.

CSR Racing 2 Mod APK - Unlimited Gold + Cash, Anti-ban

Going through all the levels và beating bosses won’t cut it especially if you want lớn join the most prestigious crew in your area. You need to get enough Cash and Reps but honestly, that takes a lot of time. To get ahead faster, just tải về the CSR Racing 2 gian lận mobile game android unlimited gold now!

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