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Hello my fellow computer nerds và nerdets!Today I will me showing you how lớn haông chồng flash games for miễn phí, with no danger lớn your pc.

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4 years ago


What vị you mean by hacked? Do you mean you can now cheat in the game? Or bởi vì you now have the actual game as a playable exe pháo on your computer?


5 years ago


I am trying lớn remove sầu the preloader code from a game so it can work on my apk using a tool iknow but i am not sure how lớn bởi vì it

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Open up the game in FFDEC and either remove the code or make it return nothing


4 years ago


Flasm is Outdated.. Heres a Quiông xã tutorial on how khổng lồ hachồng flash games quick & easily

Step 1. Find a game

Step 2. Right clichồng on the games page & press "View page source"

Step 3. Once the new tab of the pages source is open .. Press CTRL F khổng lồ search for text on the page..

Step 4. Type in the Text box that appeared ".swf" Without the parenthesis..

Step 5. Find your games URL and copy and paste it into the browser

Step 6. Once your game is loaded up.. Go to lớn your browsers Menu và look for Page Inside of the Page selection it will have sầu an option to "Save sầu page as.." save the page và your SWF will be downloaded..

Step 7. Download JPEXS Flash Decompiler Also known as FFDec...

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Step 8. mở cửa FFDec và Drag your downloaded SWF inlớn the program..

Step 9. xuất hiện the Scripts Folder and go through the ActionScript files..

Step 10. Once you find one with Interesting code such as "_root.Cash" it will have sầu a value such as _root.Cash = 150; You can change that yes.. lớn any value your want...but if you know a bit of coding like me you could think of other ways lớn change the value..

Step 11. after your changes are made just save sầu the tệp tin..

Step 12. If you would lượt thích to lớn open your tệp tin you can drag it inkhổng lồ your browser & play it.. or open it in a local Flash player , But if you want lớn use it lớn cheat you will need khổng lồ install a program called Fiddler & use the Auto Responder function of the program Drag your SWF file inkhổng lồ the Auto lớn Responder area and replace where it says something lượt thích REGEX(Blahblahblah) Replace everything in that box with the original SWF tệp tin name such as (If the SWFs url was something lượt thích Http://www.chạy thử.com/Tacos.Swf) Tacos.Swf then you would go to the original site where the game was with AutoResponder Enabled và your SWF files Checkbox checked in fiddler then it should play your tệp tin on there hệ thống while your playing it Hence enabling your hacks to lớn be used by you và have sầu a high score on the leaderboard

Step 13. Thats about all the steps the only thing i would advise you lớn vì now is Go Research on kích hoạt Script 1,2, và 3 .. after you have a good understanding of them you can create your own hacks instead of modifying values .. a few keywords to look up would be " kích hoạt Script how to make a hotkey " , " Action script Toggles " , " Actionscript Keycodes " Just those three google searches will help you become a better Flash Game Hacker... Hotkeys combined with Toggle abilities make a great hachồng , the reason you need the KeyCodes is so you know which numbers khổng lồ press for each letter (Ex: if(Key.getCode() == 49) ) Well what would 49 be? thats a KeyCode for the Key board number 1.. I may make a more in depth tutorial on a trang web if i decide to lớn make one or i may just make a đoạn phim on youtube Be on the lookout if you lượt thích learning to lớn code.... This tutorial was made my me - Muerte - BreakSec

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