Races never got so exciting until I played Fun Race 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money). You can download the MOD version of this game via the links below the article.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Fun Race 3D
Good Job Games
Unlimited Money
Android 5.0

Introduce about Fun Race 3D

Continuing is a game with a combination of tốc độ & parkour of publisher Good Job Games. Before that, they launched the exciting and fun Run Race 3D game. However, Fun Race 3 chiều is very interesting but has a new & more creative sầu style. In Run Race 3 chiều, you must be talented as a professional parkour athlete. No! Rather than, it was a ninja with acrobatic skills, climbing walls, swinging wires, … to lớn cross labyrinth races. However, the challenge & difficulty of this game have been pushed lớn a new cấp độ. Let me find out what interesting things about this game!

Just run fast? Not enough!

Unlike other racing games, in Fun Race 3 chiều, just running fast is not enough. Indeed, on the tracks are countless obstacles that hinder you. That requires you to lớn control your speed. If you want khổng lồ quickly get to lớn the destination and get caught in these traps, you will always be the loser. Be so alert and quick-witted to lớn conquer those obstacles. However, they are not easy to lớn overcome!


Listen to lớn this, you will probably think it is difficult, right? Not really. Manipulating in Fun Race 3D is extremely simple when just holding khổng lồ run và drop to lớn stop. The most important thing is that you must grasp the good time lớn overcome the fasdemo obstacles. Be calm và skillful!

Many fascinating challenges

It can be said that in Fun Race 3 chiều is an tăng cấp of challenges. Racetracks are not just labyrinths but now contain countless obstacles. These obstacles will be quite big obstacles for you khổng lồ finish. It could be a rotating rotor, swaying pendulum, strange revolutions or a super big giant hammer … It’s diverse, isn’t it? Besides, there will be many strange racetracks for you khổng lồ conquer. You will not know what the next challenge is và it will knock you down in the most unexpected way. You may be overwhelmed by the most chất lượng và exotic racetracks on earth.

However, the more challenges, the more difficult it will be but the more difficult it will be lớn stimulate us to lớn conquer them. At that time, victory became so sweet và meaningful. That is the charm of a seemingly simple game.

Play with friends

In Fun Race 3 chiều, you play with two other players in one race. Who is the last finish will be disqualified. The first two players will fight again khổng lồ find the final winner. Only the final winner can reach the new cấp độ & open up many new racetracks. You will raise your cấp độ & meet more formidable opponents. The loser will be stuông xã on the trachồng. If you’re stuông chồng, don’t give sầu up. Keep fighting và you will have more experience khổng lồ win.

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Unfortunately, if you fall into lớn the trap of an obstacle, you will be revived và continue the race. Don’t be discouraged when no one has finished. You can still be the winner.

Some small tips in Fun Race 3D. When you are playing, you can look further to know what the next obstacles are. So you can consider how to lớn pass through more simply. One mistake that many people make is lớn pay attention lớn their opponents. When you pay attention to your opponent, you will be distracted in the race that will make it easy for you lớn fall into the trap. So please pay attention to lớn your race.


Every time you complete a racetraông xã or a level, you will get level up experience as well as coins. Level up helps you lớn open new & more interesting racetracks. And coins help you change the character appearance. Change in appearance may be skin color or new clothes. There will be lots of colors for you khổng lồ choose from. In addition, you can unlochồng more new characters like Thor, Iron Man, The Flash,…

3D graphics

Images in Fun Race 3 chiều are also relatively simple. Character creation is just a human simulation with a single color. The color of the game is also quite harmonious with mainly the color of the sea, bringing a pleasant light feeling. As a simple game, the simple graphics of the game are enough for you to feel satisfied.

MOD APK version of Fun Race 3D

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

How khổng lồ buy skins when you use the MOD version?

Enter the Shop.Choose any skin, you can see the button “watch ads” to receive sầu 200 coins.Tap many times khổng lồ receive sầu money without watching ads.

Download Fun Race 3 chiều MOD APK for Android

It can be said that Fun Race 3D has upgraded a lot in gameplay compared khổng lồ Run Race 3 chiều. However, it is still a simple, light game. It is really suitable for short breaks lớn relieve sầu stress. Your phone only needs Android 5.0 và Internet connection, so you have sầu moments of relaxation with Fun Race 3 chiều. What are you waiting for without downloading this game today!