Design Home (MOD Money/Diamonds/Keys) – If you’ve ever seen an interior thiết kế magazine and think you can design better, Design trang chủ is the game that gives you the opportunity lớn show off. The game takes you to lớn a real three-dimensional space, where you can decorate và kiến thiết your own bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, … of a European-style trang chính.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Design Home
1.66.025 (build 2021021202)
Unlimited Money/Diamonds/Keys
Android 4.2

Thousands of challenges with many different themes

Every day, there will be new themed challenges phối in Design trang chủ, such as creating an industrially designed living room for a newly married couple in Singapore or decorating a traditional bedroom for an apartment in Austria.

Each challenge has its own requirements depending on the theme, in which you have to use some items from the rich interior catalog of the game (this category contains actual interior images so you can try spread the thiông chồng fur carpet on the floor of your living room). With the requirements of each carefully described challenge, you will feel like a real designer working with real customers in real life.

Many luxurious items of furniture

Use your favorite furniture, lượt thích a Gothic lamp or a luxurious sofa, lớn create designs that make people admire and win many votes.

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All furniture items are simulated 100% from real life & produced by famous brands. If you don’t have sầu your favorite furniture, you can borrow things from your friends’ inventory.

Participate in kiến thiết competitions

When designing the work that you think deserves to be in a prestigious magazine like Vogue Living, press the Submit button. Good luck! If you win, you will receive sầu notifications of new furniture themes và get diamonds.

Also, look for everyday challenges that don’t force you to kiến thiết thematically. With these challenges, just submit your entry and you have already received an award.

The higher the value of the storehouse, the faster you will cấp độ up và discover strange bonsai pots and impressive works of art. If there are not enough keys needed to send the design, evaluate the work of others and receive additional items.

Download Design Home MOD APK for Android

The best point of Design Home is that it gives you the ability lớn thiết kế your trang chính. Comfortable unlimited creation, interior decoration without spending a penny. Cleaning và decorating homes is a great way to relax on weekends, after a week of intense work. This game gives you many choices và knowledge of how to thiết kế furniture, then you can apply it lớn the house you live in. Now, let show off your interior thiết kế talent!

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