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Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon
Unlimited Money
February 25, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Have you ever wanted khổng lồ open a business for something? Do you want to be a moderator of something serious enough to make money?

Then, please introduce the game Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, this is a không tính tiền GYM room simulator game on the mobile platsize. This game has very unique gameplay, making it easy for newcomers & those who are familiar with the type of economic simulation game to lớn be attracted to lớn their phone screens.

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Run your thể hình and become a fitness tycoon!

You will play the role of the trùm of a GYM thể hình, you will be the leader of your GYM thể hình lớn the top. At the beginning of the game, you will own a GYM room including a number of well-equipped devices, a dressing room, a vending machine, và an automatic door system for guests to lớn enter. You need lớn catch a lot of customers and constantly upgrade the equipment in the gym to lớn make your business smoothly. The more modern your equipment is, the more reliance your GYM room will take, and the customers want to spend more money on their training sessions here.


The more customers who come to visit, the more money you have sầu to lớn invest the br& new equipment to lớn meet the dem&. In addition khổng lồ upgrading equipment, you also have to lớn open more locker rooms, expand the automatic money collection system to lớn the gym, … If you put yourself in the customer’s seat, you will not want to stvà in line for too long for your turn, won’t you? Every time you use a device, all your customers will have sầu lớn pay. Upgrading the training machine will help the client’s exercises more effectively, the guest will practice a certain exercise faster lớn turn the guests in line behind the next exercise, and that will make room revenue become bigger & bigger. The game also has a number of other features khổng lồ help you increase revenue and attract as many customers lượt thích advertising, posting leaflets, or simply expanding the parking lot of the thể hình, … The game also has Some other special effects, such as sometimes there will be a bus carrying dozens of guests, help you increase a part of revenue. You can cooperate with a high-profile investor, you can get a big fee for this.

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Are you ready to lớn manage your thể hình empire?

After a while, your thể hình has earned a decent amount of capital, you can use it to open a whole new gym, with the better build unique, in a place with good business conditions moreover. Above all, your income will increase khổng lồ 50 times compared to the old gym. At some point your GYM will become extremely popular, your reputation will even reach the famous athletes. You can hire these athletes khổng lồ make your gym reputation even bigger. When you are busy unable to lớn see how your GYM room is doing, rest assured, the room will remain open 24/24 & your income will increase steadily. Even so, the revenue of the gym you still need lớn have sầu it managed when you are away. Therefore, the game allows you to lớn hire a manager, then your revenue will increase 5 times compared khổng lồ when you are away without a care. Isn’t that great?


Simple character simulation, 3D pixel graphics

The game owns a rhythmic, vibrant music background, very suitable for a GYM thể hình. The sound in the game is also very detailed, you can hear the noise of the guests chatting with each other, this contributes to lớn making your thể hình become more lively và lively, while also helping for players to lớn have a much more realistic experience. The interface of the game is easy to understand, adaptable for newbies, players can interact with almost anything in the gym by tapping on them on the screen. Along with half-hearted 3D graphics with 2D, the game exudes a very special appearance. Designing 3D characters of the game is very dễ thương, combined with creativity in the thiết kế of gym equipment, every tăng cấp of the thể hình machines has a very unique thiết kế. (The weight lifting platsize is lifting a cow, the treadmill has obstacles, the sandbag of punching is essentially an atomic bomb, …). With such thiết kế, developers have been very successful in making their works more interesting than ever.


Overall, Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon is a game well worth trying out for everyone. The chất lượng cuteness in the design, along with the extremely attractive gameplay, will surely leave a lot of beautiful impressions for players of all ages. On top of that, this is a completely không tính tiền game with very light graphics, which makes it easy for all classes of players khổng lồ have a smartphone.

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