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This page contains Project IGI cheats các mục for PC version. Now we have sầu 7 cheats in our các mục, which includes 7 cheats codes. We hope information that you"ll find at this page help you in playing Project IGI on PC platkhung. If you didn"t find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we"ll find for you in the future!

right click on project igi then cliông xã on its properties their u will find target "C:Project IGIPCIGI.exe" then click on it và write as i have sầu written "C:Project IGIPCIGI.exe" unlimitedammo

it will give sầu u unlimmited ammo ur ammo will never empty


If you want lớn invisible while on plying i will giving a new cheat code. open project igi installation folder và make a text file & type---

> PROJECT IGI = Cheat 342343 =invisible. If you complete save sầu it with extension as .qvm. that is all . On plying open the main window and type it,

makemeinvisible. Enjoy.

Code:Effect:makemeinvisiblebecome invisible
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