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Johnny Trigger
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January 30, 2021 (2 months ago)

Johnny Trigger is an exciting game, bringing players khổng lồ the world of the mafia for players lớn explore. There will be no more battles in the future or magical powers, và the only things are guns và bullets. Very simple but gives players a lot of interesting experiences, much more than what players have ever experienced.

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When playing this game, the player needs to press the screen to lớn be able to play the game, not need lớn vì chưng anything else. This makes this game a lot easier than other titles. But if it is too easy, players will not experience the game entirely, creating a sense of inadequacy when playing the game. So this game will require players to lớn have the technical elements và the ability to timing as accurately as possible to complete the game perfectly. Players will only storm inlớn the lair of the enemy without any animal except a pistol lớn fight alone. But it does not matter when the player has his technical support to kill enemies. Whenever there is an enemy, there will be a particular obstacle, & then our character will find a way to lớn jump over the barrier và kill the enemy while in the air.


It was not an easy thing to vị, as, at that time, it would slow down to give players time to lớn kill their enemies. While the player is in the air, there will be a red line coming out of the gun khổng lồ make it easier for the player lớn hit the enemy. Players will watch the time that red lines pointed at the enemy, then you press the screen to lớn fire. But players only get a certain number of bullets, so be careful lớn be able khổng lồ destroy all enemies. Because if the player does not hit the enemy, the player will be killed by them, và then the player will lose the game. So players should carefully observe sầu each situation to make the right decision. There will be times when the player does not have enough bullets khổng lồ destroy the enemy, and the player shoots at the baskets of oil to explode & blow away all enemies.

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Diverse weapons

For a mafia, guns are indispensable, because they are the best weapon of the mafia. Then in this game will be the same; in the beginning, the player will only have a pistol to lớn use only. But later, when the player completes many missions, the player will have more money & use them lớn buy more guns. At that time, players have gained guns with more ammunition và made everything easier.



Because this game is not easy khổng lồ complete, so players will get checkpoints so that players can revive when they die. They will help players not have sầu lớn play the game from the beginning every time they die. But if the player dies, the prize amount in the game will be reduced, so try not khổng lồ die. Because when completing the game perfectly, the prize will be a lot, & players can buy more guns.

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