Like, right before the battle at the corridor, if you save sầu và haông chồng all your stats to lớn 0 và HPhường khổng lồ trăng tròn lượt thích it's supposed to be an a pacifist/neutral run, does Sans still judge you? Does the fight still happen? Does he notice you hacked & then goes on to how the game was normally supposed khổng lồ go on a genocide run?


He still attacks.No boosted DEF & only đôi mươi HP? Now that's a bad time.

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Each "world" in Undertale has a kill-counter. Meeting (or exceeding) it triggers But Nobody toàn thân Came and marks that area as desolated (or "marks that Zone as purified", depending on your taste in đoạn phim games). Changing LV/EXP/HP/etc doesn't really vì chưng anything. You can go into the save sầu file with Notepad and scrub out all the genocide flags if you want, but that's not really in the spirit of your query. That would obviously put the game bachồng on Neutral.

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You can actually set your LV khổng lồ -3.75 for a max HPhường. of 1. Makes the fight interesting.Also since there's ways to lớn have sầu HPhường above max HP (sleeping namely) you can actually have sầu a max HP.. negative sầu and still have positive true max hp. (ex LV -4.25 HP 1/-1 or LV -4 HPhường 1/0)I've sầu been using LV -3.75 khổng lồ attempt a no hit bad time but it gets rather ridiculous.(side note, when LV is negative opening up the STAT menu will crash the game so beware)

I feel lượt thích there is more code stored to detect genocide. Like how the music & save points change. But you never know.

Here's an idea:

Do that operation AFTER the battle. After the Bad Time, any time the player needs khổng lồ attachồng, it's automated & done for maximum damage, where it appears.I propose an EXTREMELY low (high-negative) ATK. It probably won't affect Flowey (who is essentially mauled without the attaông xã damage popping up) or Chara's attaông chồng (whose attacks is nine googols và obliterates the game), but it still does some sort of statistical calculation for Asgore, right?

There's a flag khổng lồ detect what route you're playing (Pacifist, Neutral, Genocide), That's flag 202. If the flag 202 is 1, then your game is in Genocide Route. You need go find a way to edit your save sầu tệp tin to change the flag 202 to lớn 0.

A semi-private place to lớn giới thiệu and discuss Undertale secrets discovered by means beyond playing the game.Respect Toby's wishes và don't dump anything into a public setting. As soon as someone has figured out the "context" of something that has been extracted, it should be OK lớn talk about it elsewhere.
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