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Major Mayhem 2
Rocket Jump Games
Unlimited Money
February 2, 2021 (1 month ago)

If you are a thiết bị di động game enthusiast, then there is no reason why you vị not know the classic Metal Slug game. Although it was released long ago, the game is still on the danh mục of favourite điện thoại shooting games. Today I would lượt thích khổng lồ introduce you khổng lồ a game also in this shooter series: Major Mayhem 2 – Gun Shooting Action. The game is in the role-playing genre, và there is fun gameplay. At break times playing some Major Mayhem 2 matches is even better!


Heroic Gun Shooting Game

The life of a special soldier suddenly becomes overturned by the killer’s killed face. His lover was accidentally kidnapped by them during a visit to lớn his home page. Luckily, she made every effort to tương tác hyên ổn and told hyên that she was kidnapped by an underground organization. With the skill & skill of a soldier, he plans and begins his journey of saving the love of his life.

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Upon entering the world of Major Mayhem 2, the player becomes a fictional soldier & confronts extremely dangerous assassins. Players will be given a default gun lớn start their game. Initially, the guns seemed quite weak and not effective. But after the experience, the player can tăng cấp his gun stronger by winning each stage.

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There are 7 types of guns for players khổng lồ explore, each with special abilities awaiting you to explore. Moreover, they all have sầu the same stats: damage, speed, and accuracy so players can upgrade. The interesting thing is that the guns will be transformed into different shapes when players tăng cấp.


About the game, perhaps too familiar with the players of Metal Slug. The player controls his character to lớn move while doing phases of dodging & firing to lớn destroy the enemy. The console was designed quite merely, consisting of a control menu with the move sầu & hide functions & a fire button. Players will have sầu lớn move sầu in order from the beginning of the bản đồ lớn the bottom of the bản đồ lớn destroy all enemies khổng lồ be able to cross the screen. In the process, the player can rescue the hostages khổng lồ get more ammunition, boom, armour & money lớn buy more tư vấn items. With more than 40 quests and hundreds of challenging levels of difficulty, players can relax và explore the fun in this game. With these advantages, Major Mayhem 2 has gradually affirmed the appeal lớn fans around the world.



Take on the role of a special soldier to lớn rescue the character và kill the criminal organization. With fun and animated 3 chiều graphics, Major Mayhem 2 MOD is a great shooter game that will rid you of the tedium of everyday life. Download the game and join the challenge right away!

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