Among us hack spams trump 2020 message

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Image: InnerSloth
The developer of Among mỏi Us, a social intuition murder mystery game that’s fast become one of the most popular multiplayer titles of the year, is currently battling against a particularly pernicious spam attaông xã. The spam is promoting a mysterious online handle, “Eris Loris,” & it became bad enough that Among Us studio InnerSloth had lớn perkhung emergency maintenance starting late last night.

Hacking and other forms of cheating in Ahy vọng Us has grown considerably since the game emerged as a popular online pastime during the pandemic this past summer, according to lớn a report from Kotaku. And Amuốn Us has only grabbed more of the spotlight just these past few days, following a hugely successful Twitch stream from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) alongside high-profile streamers to lớn encourage voting in the upcoming US election.

Yet it was only just yesterday players started experiencing the “Eris Loris” spam in their online matches. Developer InnerSloth said on Thursday it was “super duper aware of the current hacking issue” & it would be pushing out an emergency VPS update to lớn try lớn address it.

Hello everyone,We"re are super duper aware of the current hacking issue và we"re looking into lớn it. We will be pushing out an emergency VPS update so people who are in game will get kicked from games. Please play private games or with people that you trust!!! Bare with us!!

— InnerSloth (

The spam attaông chồng began some time on Thursday when players discovered their in-game chat logs filling up with messages promoting Loris’ YouTube channel, with some messages threatening users with hacking of their personal devices if they didn’t subscribe. Other messages promoted both the YouTube channel & President Donald Trump.

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i hate it here, i just want lớn play a simple game without eris loris PLEASE

— Stinky (

A Eurogamer report published today features an interview with the supposed creator of the spam attack on Discord. The hacker claims to have recruited dozens of others to participate by contributing servers, although it’s unclear exactly how the hackers are managing lớn spam so many matches at once.

The kết thúc goal, it appears, is to promote the Eris Loris YouTube channel, which advertises hacks & other game cheating services. The spam attachồng may have sầu hit as many as 1.5 million games, affecting close lớn 5 million players if the hackers’ claims are khổng lồ be believed. Loris is also a self-described Trump supporter, the report says.

Whatever is actually happening here, Among muốn Us players are undoubtedly being bombarded with some type of highly coordinated attachồng that’s compromising the game in serious ways. According to lớn InnerSloth developer Forest Willard, the emergency hệ thống update began rolling out some time in the middle of the night, affecting in-progress games and resulting in potential false positives. But it’s unclear if the issue has since been resolved or whether InnerSloth is planning future maintenance lớn address it. Players on Twitter continue lớn report Eris Loris-related spam in the game.

So yeah. I"m rolling out the server update. I"m using a faster method than I"ve done before, but it"ll impact players more. Trying khổng lồ be careful, but also, you might get booted. It"s for the greater good at this point. Consider it an "emergency maintenance for ??? hours"

— Forest (

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