NameMy Hospital
PublisherKuu Hubb Oy
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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My Hospital game for you to persize a doctor’s job with the task of healing people. Life is more & more modern, thanks lớn great inventions và many devices that enable medicine to lớn detect many new diseases. Life expectancy is increased, people will live sầu longer because of timely treatment. Players will bởi vì everything every day as a habit to improve the unique of healing. My Hospital provides a platkhung khổng lồ help you build your hospital the way you want it. To arrange scientific medical clinics lớn serve sầu patients. Becoming a moderator is based on a doctor’s experience. Let’s create the best hospital in the area.

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1 Download My Hospital mod – Help patients recover their health

Prepare a plan và development direction for the hospital with each specific implementation step. From there you will deploy the infrastructure khổng lồ serve sầu the best treatment. The alặng is still to help patients recover from their illnesses & return lớn their families và work. My Hospital can be considered a type of business but you should not take too seriously profit. If you can help people get rid of their illnesses, more people will turn lớn the hospital.


Download My Hospital gian lận – Help patients recover their health

There are many different treatments, which can be based on Oriental Medicine or Western Medicine. Each method has its own effectiveness, depending on the type of disease, a specific treatment regimen will be chosen. My Hospital exploits the strengths of all doctors. Just getting the patient back khổng lồ health is considered a success. Of course, regardless of the method, it is necessary to ensure safety first. My Hospital with gameplay lets you manage hospitals in multiple roles. Players have sầu just built new clinics but also need to lớn manage the quality of service in the hospital. Become a reputable br& in the medical field.


Build Hospital

There are many diseases and bacteria that we have sầu not discovered yet. In order to have treatments for all kinds of ailments, you need lớn grow even more hospitals. Handling each patient’s difficult case và helping them return to lớn a normal life. The hospital will have sầu a number of indispensable areas such as clinics, diagnostic rooms, treatment centers … Besides, build more retìm kiếm centers & laboratories khổng lồ find new diseases. Then you can continue khổng lồ have sầu treatment for the sick person.

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Create a drug farm

There are plants that are very good for health and have the ability to lớn cure diseases and kill bacteria. My Hospital lets players build a farm with many different medicinal plants. Take care of & harvest them khổng lồ serve the patients, to lớn help them discharge early. Nobody wants you to lớn go to lớn the hospital, but when you are siông xã you have to come here. Most medicinal plants have sầu no side effects, they are used frequently. Provide the necessary amount for the patient.

Hospital decoration

In addition khổng lồ healing, the player should help the siông chồng person feel familiar in the hospital room. This is good for their mentality & will tốc độ up recovery. Get an idea & change the patient room or wherever you want. My Hospital with a new style hospital welcomes patients from all over.


You can also connect with many friends through social networks. Consult their hospitals khổng lồ improve their own hospitals. My Hospital shortens the gap with all players around the world who have sầu hobbies as doctors và create their own hospital. Daily chores are fun, finding new treatments, & growing the hospital even further. Download My Hospital hack many quirky diseases that patients are suffering from needing your help.

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