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Animal Restaurant MOD APK is a restaurant simulation game with a quality style. It is developed by DH-Advertiser, a game studio from Hong Kong. Here, you will experience a very quality restaurant management gameplay, unlike any other game you ever played.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Animal Restaurant
6.7 (build 79)
Free Ads
Android 4.2

Introduce about Animal Restaurant

The story

A wandering wild cát is picked up by a kind family. They were planning khổng lồ open a store so they kept that cát to lớn help them. And you will start the story when this interesting cat becomes an employee in the restaurant. It is a lazy mèo that wants to lớn eat but doesn’t vày anything. But this cat is capable of bringing extremely humorous situations khổng lồ help people feel happy.


Unique restaurant management simulation gameplay

Animal Restaurant is developing with a simple restaurant management simulation game. It is not too focused on developing the restaurant lớn make money but telling the interesting stories that happen every day in this funny restaurant. In the beginning, you have sầu simple tools lớn operate the store. When customers come, they buy and pay with dried fish. Dried fish is the main unit of money used in the game, you know.

When a business is good, you will earn a lot of dried fish. From there, you can develop a store by opening more bars, dessert tables, tea tables, refrigerators … In addition, you also need khổng lồ buy new items to increase your rating. If you have enough rating points, you can unloông chồng more advanced and beautiful items.

The game offers a menu of extremely diverse dishes. You don’t have them on the first day, you have sầu to lớn unlock them & learn to cook them gradually. The dishes in the restaurant are inspired by a variety of cultures. The most prominent will be dishes from Japan such as sushi, rice balls, …

Not only a restaurant area, but Animal Restaurant also has a flower garden & buffet restaurant. Here, you can also earn a lot of rating points.

A fun restaurant simulation game for Android

The content of this game is really funny, comes from extremely “eccentric” characters. The first person to be mentioned is the chef Gumi, who is the owner of the restaurant with a bad boy style. Gumi is not afraid of anyone, not even his clients. Next are the humorous customers who have sầu many personalities like real-life people. There are cases where customers chase other customers that make you angry. But there were also many friendly & sociable customers.

Besides, you also have a chance lớn meet cute staff in the restaurant. These staff members are really comical when they just lượt thích khổng lồ play, don’t want to work. Typically the guy Jiji waiter. If he works for 100 seconds, he must rest for 250 seconds. You have sầu to lớn increase his experience and raise his salary before he will work harder.

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Graphics & sound

Animal Restaurant is not too sophisticated in graphic thiết kế. It is only developed with simple anime cartoon-styled 2 chiều graphics. You can see funny shapes for animals, just lượt thích in children’s books. Along with that are the objects, the interior of the restaurant is also quite eye-catching.

About the interior, you can choose to lớn the interior in a style such as classic, modern, feminine, Halloween. If you lượt thích a unique feel, you can blover a variety of styles together.

In addition, the game also has a playful background music system that gives you a more enjoyable experience. However, many players want the game to lớn add sound effects khổng lồ each character’s actions. That will help the game become more vivid, more realistic. Hopefully, the developer will add this feature in the coming updates.

The game supports multiple languages

The humor of Animal Restaurant game comes not only from gameplay but also from character lines. The game’s translation team really has a sense of humor. They used humorous words but did not make a mistake of the original meaning. Most of the translated games are not translated in detail. Translations like Google Translate, just enough for players lớn underst& the nội dung, not bring many special emotions. But with Animal Restaurant, you will see common words that we often use. Thanks khổng lồ that, you will have an extremely familiar & fun experience.

MOD APK version of Animal Restaurant

MOD feature

Free Ads: You can promote your store without watching ads.

Download Animal Restaurant MOD APK for Android

Animal Restaurant is really a great game for those who love animals, especially cat lovers. Funny & lazy cats will give sầu you happy laughter while working in this funny restaurant.