7 hacks that slots players should start using immediately

Slot machines don’t seem khổng lồ involve much strategy. All you vì is push the spin button over và over & let the reels vị the rest.

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But there are some things you can vày to lớn greatly improve sầu your chances of beating slot machines. And what’s nice is that anybody can quickly use these slots hacks lớn win more.

The 7 hacks that I’m going khổng lồ discuss in this post can be used right now. Others can be used within a few minutes after doing simple research on your điện thoại thông minh.

Keep reading as I cover 7 ways in which you can haông xã inkhổng lồ more slots winnings.

1 – Look up Online Slot Machine Providers to lớn Find Best Payback

You need khổng lồ play online slots if your main focus is winning the most money. The reason why is because mạng internet slots offer higher paybaông chồng on average than land-based games.

A bonus is that you don’t have sầu khổng lồ bet as much to earn this high paybachồng. Instead, you’ll only have sầu to lớn risk a penny per line to lớn achieve sầu top pay baông chồng on many online slots.

Of course, you must know which slots pay the most first. The best way khổng lồ vày this is by googling online slots providers lớn find their highest-paying games.

Online slots makers offer their games across a broad range of mạng internet casinos. And the return lớn player (RTP) is the same at each casino site.

This is why you tìm kiếm for slots paybaông xã by game designers, rather than individual casinos. Here’s an example of how I find the highest-paying slots from Rival Gaming:

I google “Rival Gaming slots RTP..”This brings up different websites with info on Rival’s RTPhường.I can see that the following slots offer high payback:Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets = 98.95% RTPDoo-Wop Daddy-O = 97.89%Gold Rush = 97.46%Bust A Vault = 97.45%As the Reels Turn: The Gamble = 97.0%

You can use this method lớn find RTPhường for many online slot machines. Another way to lớn accomplish this goal is by looking at a game’s help screen.

Some slots menu their paybachồng on the help screen. Thunderkichồng and Quickspin are two companies that feature RTPhường on their games’ help screens.

Unfortunately, there are providers that don’t menu RTP.. on the help screen or publish it online. Therefore, you’re left in the dark regarding how much these games pay back.

But most online slot machines offer this information somewhere. And you won’t have sầu to lớn look more than 5 minutes to lớn find them in many cases.

2 – Look at State Gaming Reports to lớn Find Best Lvà Based Slots Payback

Finding RTPhường. for land-based slot machines is a more-difficult matter. The main reason why is because each casino can order different paybaông chồng for the same slot machine.

MGM Grvà might order a game with 90% paybaông xã, while Circus Circus may want it with 89% RTP.

This is nice for casinos because they can customize slots RTP lớn their liking. But this makes it tougher for players to figure out what kind of paybaông xã they can look forward to lớn.


The best way khổng lồ find RTPhường for slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos is by looking at state gaming reports.

Each state with casino gambling has an agency that governs the industry. These organizations provide regular reports that list slots paybaông xã.

The only catch is that these reports only offer generic numbers on games within the specific coin denominations. Here’s an example from the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s 2017 report:

Penny slot machines = 90.17% paybackNickel slot machines = 94.54% paybackQuarter slot machines = 93.06% paybackDollar slot machines = 93.94% payback$5 slot machines = 94.16% payback$25 slot machines = 95.03% payback$100 slot machines = 93.21% payback

You can see that most Nevada slot machines offer between 93.06% và 95.03% paybaông chồng. The outlier is penny slot machines, which only offer 90.17% RTPhường on average.

Here’s another example froma 2017 report on Connecticut’s Foxwoods Casino:

Penny slot machines = 89.88% paybackNickel slot machines = 90.58% paybackQuarter slot machines = 91.95% paybackDollar slot machines = 93.45% payback$5 slot machines = 94.08% payback$25 slot machines = 96.16% payback$100 slot machines = 96.76% payback

This report shows that payback increases as you move up coin denominations. And this is more reflective sầu of what you see acrossthe brick-and-mortar casino industry.

The UNLV Center for Gaming Retìm kiếm offers all the state casino gaming reports in one convenient place.


Your best chance khổng lồ achieve sầu better paybachồng in a land-based casino is by playing games with higher coin denominations. This is different from online casinos, where you can often achieve sầu the same paybachồng no matter what coin kích thước you’re playing.

The downside lớn playing large coin denomination slots is that your theoretical losses will be higher. Here’s a comparison between playing Foxwoods’ $0.25 & $1 denomination slots:

You perform 1,000 spins on a quarter slot machine ($250 total).Quarter slots offer 91.55% RTP. on average (8.45% house edge).250 x 0.0845 = $21.13 in theoretical lossesYou persize 1,000 spins on a dollar slot machine ($1,000 total).$1 slots offer 93.45% RTPhường on average (6.55% house edge).1,000 x 0.0655 = $65.50 in theoretical losses

Even thoughquarter slot machines offer lower paybachồng, your theoretical losses will be smaller. But if you like betting more per spin anyways, then you should take advantage of higher payback with larger coin denominations.

3 – Use Hit Frequency to Find Hot Slot Machines

One of the the biggest slots myths is that you can find “hot” slot machines by going around & playing different games. The xúc tích behind this is that you’ll eventually find a machine that’s paying immediately.

The reason why this is a myth is that slots results are determined by random number generators (RNG), which cycle through countless number combinations. These number combos are determined so fast that results are completely unpredictable.

Therefore, anytoàn thân who’s going around lớn different slot machines lớn find the hot games is wasting their time. But this isn’t to lớn say that you can’t use certain means khổng lồ figure out which slots will pay frequently.

Hit frequency refers khổng lồ how often a slot machine pays per line. Here’s an example of how this works:

Game A is a 50-line slot machine that offers 4 payouts per line on average.Game B is a 50-line slot that offers 3 payouts per line on average.trò chơi A has higher hit frequency.

The only problem with hit frequency is that games don’t danh sách this information. The closest I’ve sầu seen is Pragmatic Play online slots, which offer a volatility rating based on lightning bolts.

But the average slot machine forces you khổng lồ figure out hit frequency based on pay table info. And the key factors that you want lớn look at include jackpot kích cỡ, number of large payouts, & the number of small prizes.

You can use common sense from here to lớn figure out which games will pay more frequently than others.


A slot machine with a huge progressive sầu jackpot and few small payouts won’t deliver prizes as often. But a game with a small jackpot và more small payouts should have sầu higher hit frequency.

Playing games in the latter category gives you a better chance khổng lồ win on each spin. This means that you’ll earn money on a more consistent basis & have sầu a better chance of sustaining your bankroll.

These are essentially the hot slot machines because they offer more prizes. If winning frequently is important to lớn you, then it should look for slots with small jackpots và a larger number of small payouts.

4 – Use Certain Variables to lớn Manage Your Slots Bankroll

Bankroll management doesn’t theoretically improve your chances of winning. But it does help you better manage your risk và play slots longer.

The only problem is that slots are one of the toughest games in terms of bankroll management. It’s hard lớn calculate how many bets (a.k.a. units) the average player loses.

This can be affected based on how quickly you’re spinning the reels and how fast the slot machine moves. A game with multiple bonus features và animations moves slower than a game without the same features.

But generally, the average slots player loses anywhere between 250 and 350 units per hour. You can use these variables khổng lồ begin calculating your bankroll management

Here’s an example:

You have sầu a $200 bankroll.Your average bet is $0.25 per spin (25 lines at $0.01).You thảm bại 250 units per hour.300 x 0.25 = $62.50200 x 62.50 = 3.2Your bankroll will theoretically last for 3.2 hours.

The từ khoá with all this is theoretical, because you can never perfectly predict your short-term losses or winnings.

Slot machines are the most-volatile game in the casino. This means that your short-term results will vary wildly in comparison khổng lồ the statistical average (paybachồng in this case).

You can lower the volatility, though, by playing games with high hit frequency. Games with smaller payouts deliver more prizes in the short run, which leads lớn lower volatility.

5 – Don’t Fall for Slot Machine Psychology Tricks

Many players are unaware of the psychology at play with slot machines. Game makers use everything from enticing graphics to lớn triumphant soundeffects to lớn keep people playing longer.

A study from the University of British Columbia (UBC) found that many players fall into a “slot machine zone,” where they become completely immersed in the game and ignore everything else around them.

This study featured small trắng circles on each side of a slot machine’s screen. Players were asked khổng lồ push a button when these circles turned red.

The study concluded that problem gamblers had more difficulty spotting the red circles on the sides because they were so involved in the game.

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2011 retìm kiếm from Ontario’s University of Waterloo examined the effect that losses disguised as wins (LDWs) have sầu on players. LDWs are payouts where players only win bachồng a portion of their original bet.

Here’s an example:

You play a 100-line slot machine.You bet $0.05 per line ($5 total).You win a $1 payout.Your net loss is $4.

Anytoàn thân can see that this is an overall loss.But slot machines use encouraging sound effects and flashing lights to make it feel like you’re a winner in these cases.

University of Waterloo researchers measured skin conductance response (SCR) amplitudes and heart-rate changes to lớn measure how players felt after LDWs. They then compared these results to how players reacted after true wins và complete losses.

The researchers discovered that LDWs offered a significantly higher pleasure rate than complete losses. In fact, players’ arousal rates were on the same màn chơi for LDWs as they were for actual wins.

The key to not falling for LDWs & getting sucked inkhổng lồ slot machines is knowing the psychology at play

Being aware of these factors will better help you avoid becoming completely immersed in games and spending more money than you plan for.

6 – Look the Best Slots Comps (*Hint* Online Deposits Bonuses Are the Best)

Casinos offer slots players comps khổng lồ retain their loyalty. This can also encourage more play because some gamblers wrongly assume that comps are more valuable than they are.

Land-based và online casinos typically comp players at around a 0.1% rate. This means that you’re going lớn earn $1 in rewards for every $1,000 you wager.

This doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up when considering how fast people play slots. Here’s an example:

You persize 600 spins per hour on a dollar slot machine.You play 3 hours per day.600 x 3 = $1,800You play 5 days during the month.1,800 x 5 = $9,000$9,000 x 0.001 = $9 in slots comps.

Online casinos almost always stiông xã to lớn the 0.1% rate. They bởi this by awarding one comp point for every $10 wagered.

Players can then exchange 100 points for $1 cash back. This means that you’re betting $1,000 (100 points) to lớn get $1 in rewards.

Some land-based casinos offer a 0.2% comp rate for slots players. This doubles your rewards with the same amount of betting.


The catch, though, it’s that it’s hard khổng lồ find land-based casinos that offer higher slots comps. Unlượt thích online casinos, which freely offer their points-for-exchange rate on their loyalty program page, land-based casinos aren’t great at explaining their VIPhường programs.

You can still find information on some brick-and-mortar casinos by visiting their websites. Another good practice is lớn research casinos that have sầu a reputation for offering good slots comps.

Examples of Las Vegas casinos that are known for offering good slots rewards include The Palms, The Cosmopolirã, & The Venetian. Playing at these casinos gives you a better opportunity lớn earn higher loyalty rewards than at online casinos.

But the absolute-best slots rewards, are deposit bonuses that you receive sầu when depositing at mạng internet casinos.

These bonuses are expressed in a match percentage based on how much you deposit. Here’s an example:

A bonus is worth a 100% match up to $500.You deposit $200.This means that you’re eligible for a $200 bonus.

Players obviously can’t just cash out bonuses right away, because the casino would thua thảm a fortune. Therefore, you need khổng lồ meet wagering requirements before the money is officially yours.

Standard wagering requirements for an online slots deposit bonus is 40 times the reward. Here’s an example of how this plays out:

The bonus offer is a 100% match up to lớn $200.You deposit $50.This makes you eligible for a $50 bonus.40 x 50 = $2,000.You must wager $2k to unlock your deposit reward.

$2,000 may seem like a lot of money to earn a $50 bonus. But this is a much-better rate than you’ll receive sầu through either a land-based or online casino comp program.

Here’s the math on why:

You wager $2,000 at a casino with a 0.1% comp rate.This earns you $2 in rewards.You wager $2,000 lớn get the $50 bonus mentioned above.You get $50 in rewards.

Keep in mind that you can get a better comp rate by moving up in an internet or land-based casino loyalty program. But low rollers will find that deposit bonuses offer the best chance khổng lồ earn không lấy phí cash.

7 – Get More Expected Value from Progressive sầu Jackpots That Have Increased

Expected value (EV) is a common gambling term used to describe how much money you can expect khổng lồ win baông chồng from your bets.

Looking at the house edge is a good way khổng lồ determine your EV because this shows how much you’ll win back in the long term. For example, a slot machine with 96% paybaông chồng is offering -4% EV since you’re losing 4% on each wager.

Most casino games offer negative sầu expected value (-EV), and slots are no exception. But you can improve sầu your EV by playing progressive slots when the jackpot has increased by a significant amount.

Casino seed progressive jackpots with a certain amount of money.

Players contribute the rest of the money inkhổng lồ a progressive sầu jackpot. Each bet that players make contributes a small amount khổng lồ make the jackpot grow.

The standard contribution amount is 2% of every wager. This means that a $1 bet would contribute $0.02 to the jackpot.

A single player isn’t going to make a progressive sầu jackpot grow very quickly. But these prizes increase rapidly when thousands of players are making bets.

You can use the starting jackpot amount compared to growth khổng lồ estimate your EV. Given that Mega Moolah is seeded with $1 million, you know that your EV is much higher when the jackpot reaches $10 million.

Again, this is all theoretical và based on the idea that you can actually win the jackpot. Chances are that you’ll never win a huge payout lượt thích this in your lifetime.

But the goal is lớn continue playing progressive slots that offer more EV based on the growing jackpot. A more practical method of doing this is by playing smaller mystery jackpots, which must pay a specific value.

For Example

Arrow’s Edge offers a mystery jackpot that pays at exactly $10,000. You may be getting positive expected value (+EV) by jumping in when the jackpot is worth $9k.

What’s more is that you at least have sầu a shot at winning this payout, versus the giant jackpot in Mega Moolah.

I’m not advocating that you dump your entire bankroll into progressive sầu slots. After all, the base paybachồng on most of these games isn’t as good as a normal slot.

If you’re going khổng lồ play these games, figure out where a starting jackpot begins and compare it to the value that now. This will improve sầu your EV & give sầu you a higher theoretical chance of winning money.


Casinos have the edge in slot machines. But you can at least reduce this edge, or even gain one (progressive sầu slots) by following the hacks in this post.

The biggest thing that you want khổng lồ do is khổng lồ find paybachồng for the slot machines you play. This is easier in online casinos, where you can search by game provider or look at the help screen lớn find RTP.

Land-based casinos make it more difficult lớn figure out how much you win bachồng. But you can use the coin denominations to make a rough estimation.

Hit frequency is another important haông chồng lớn remember, especially if you’re dealing with a small bankroll. The more payouts you can win baông xã in the short term, the better chance you have of maintaining your bankroll.

You also want to lớn avoid falling for the psychological tricks that surround slot machines. This means realizing that LDWs are actually losses, & the graphics, theme, và music are designed to lớn keep you playing longer.

Other important hacks you can use include getting the best rewards possible, maximizing your EV on growing progressive jackpots, và properly managing your bankroll.

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I can’t guarantee that you’ll win profits by following these tips. But it’s definitely worth doing so if you enjoy slots because these hacks will give you a greater chance lớn win.

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