NameSwamp Attack
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Swamp Attaông chồng is a shooting game that takes you into an exciting battle while shooting monsters to protect your house. Your house will be attacked by ferocious monsters và at all costs, you will bởi vì everything to lớn destroy them. Simple gameplay allows players lớn freely explore and immerse themselves in battle. The match is dramatic but extremely splendid, eye-catching colours attract many players. You will be transformed inlớn the best shooter khổng lồ destroy a series of evil monsters.

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Swamp Attaông xã helps you to lớn become a brave sầu man, destroy the monsters alone. Not only can you immerse yourself in the battle, but you will also be trained in self-defence skills. The swampy house is constantly being watched by monsters & you will have khổng lồ destroy them at all costs. With the gun in hand, quickly advance và defeat them as quickly as possible. The game is entertaining but will also bring you countless wonderful experiences. You will be the bravest nhân vật, eliminate a series of dangerous monsters khổng lồ become the bravest man in the world.


Download game Swamp Attaông xã gian lận – Battle with monsters

With simple gameplay along with different levels of humour, Swamp Attaông xã will bring you interesting experiences. Attachồng monsters, become the anh hùng of your own house. Every change in character design and setting will not bore you. Swamp Attaông xã will be your great companion in the dramatic battle to lớn destroy hordes of monsters.

Fun gameplay

Swamp Attack has very simple gameplay, you just need khổng lồ swipe the screen lớn move sầu lớn the monsters you want to lớn destroy. Initially, players will be immersed in a peaceful scene in the house in the swamp. Players will play the role of a man sitting on a wooden chair, holding a gun. After that, monsters will appear & disrupt your relaxing scene. They constantly try to lớn attaông chồng your trang chính and you will use the gun in your hvà to destroy them.

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Challenging gameplay

Swamp Attachồng screen has many choices with more than 300 levels and 8 different parts will make you attracted through each cấp độ without getting bored. Each level of play is different challenges, training your new attaông chồng skills. In the early levels, players just need to use a gun khổng lồ shoot monsters và eat money falling from themselves. Up khổng lồ a higher cấp độ will appear many stronger monsters with stronger attaông xã tốc độ will cause more difficulties for you khổng lồ destroy them. Each new màn chơi will appear new monsters at near và long-range. You need lớn quickly destroy so that you vị not lose blood và quickly take medicine lớn heal when the opportunity arises.


Attaông xã weapon

Initially, the weapon was just a handgun with the change khổng lồ the weapon being limited. As you màn chơi up, your weapons become more diverse with guns with more powerful attaông xã power. Players can change weapons và unlock weapons according khổng lồ their preference. In addition, you also need lớn nâng cấp weapons lớn make attacking monsters easier. Besides, there are weapons to lớn tư vấn you when destroying monsters such as gas tanks, explosives … players get them by destroying monsters or can use the bonus khổng lồ buy before entering the screen. Destroying as many monsters you will get more bonuses. As the cấp độ progresses, monsters appear more và more & become more powerful hindered in their destruction. So lớn get a lot of bonuses you need to lớn nâng cấp weapons & buy weapons khổng lồ tư vấn your attack.

Other game modes

In addition to lớn the main game modes, Swamp Attack also has other game modes such as Quiông chồng Missions, Multiplayer. Coming to Quick Missions you will have additional bonus income with new missions. You just need lớn spin the main weapons and support weapons before going into lớn battle lớn increase your income. With Multiplayer the player can play with friends or relatives if you want.


Swamp Attachồng lets you play as a man who does everything he can khổng lồ keep the house safe. The monsters definitely never gave sầu up their bad intentions. You need lớn have sầu enough strength to lớn fover off their attacks. Download Swamp Attaông xã thủ thuật, fight until you knock the enemy out of your l&.