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Package name: com.obuut.tankio

Tank Raid Online 2.67 time_update

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Name: Tank Raid Online Haông chồng Mod Version: 2.67 Root needed: NO Internet required: YES Size: 55 MB Categories: kích hoạt trò chơi Price: Free Tank Raid Online Haông chồng Mod Mods Feature: God mode Credits: Aurora - sydneyowenson.com Team Preview Mod:

trò chơi Description

Tank Raid Online – an action packed real-time PvP MOBA has come khổng lồ Play Store!Join up with friends, plan your tactics và get ready for an intense real-time PvPhường battle! Unloông xã more than 20 fast-paced tanks of exclusive sầu skills, own the best arsenal of weapons & put your strategy into lớn action in 4 different multiplayer game modes:- 3v3 Galaxy Football: capture the crystal ball from the center of the map, holding & “shooting” it khổng lồ opposing team’s goal while fighting with them. A game of true football competitive style!- 3v3 Team Death-match: Gain scores for your team by eliminating opponents, fight lớn absorb the ultimate power of the galaxy stone which appears at last 1 minute of the battle. The team with most scores at the over of the match wins!- 1v4 Solo Death-match: 5 players battle in a round arena on Galaxy. Upgrade your tank’s damage và HP.. by 10% in the middle of the fight by owning the galaxy stone or stealing it from others. The player with most kills wins.- 1v4 Solo Survival: (Coming soon)FEATURES:- More than 7 stunning arenas on Galaxy for all players regardless of level- Be creative as much as you want with your tactics: more than 20 tanks, each with signature attaông chồng và quality skill, together with 15 cool weapons (& more khổng lồ come).- Battle solo with world-wide players or play with friends- Upgrade your tanks và weapons to lớn max levels- Communicate và team up with other tank heroes with in-game chat functionality- A cross-platsize game: play it on your phone or PC- Free to lớn win: equal chance khổng lồ win and equal access to all in-game elements for everyone.- Constant update on game nội dung every month- Daily and weekly champion system where you compete with only other trăng tròn people for juicy rewardsCollect cards to upgrade your favorite tanks and skills. Compete for higher ranking in your country & world leaderboards. Play it now và be the star of all galaxy battles!