Tekken (Mod Onehit/Godmode) V1

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
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September 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

Tekken, the popular PC/Console game, has just officially launched on Mobile. This is your chance to enjoy this blockbuster right now. Along with the Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive sầu or SoulCalibur, Tekken is also a series of antagonists listed in the virtual world. It is from here that countless masterpiece products have pitched, even attacking the whole array of movies. However, there is a shortcoming that this series has .. it is unprecedented access to the thiết bị di động platkhung.

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But that is the story of the past because now in both now and in the future, Tekken has officially joined the mobile platsize. Exactly, Tekken điện thoại has released two Android and iOS repositories right now, ready for you lớn tải về without having lớn wait. Actually, Tekken is hardly accessible on the official repositories, but fortunately, GameHub has a handy alternative sầu gaming address, which will help you read Tekken Mobile’s không tính tiền experience right now.


Namai Bandẻo said there will be more than 100 characters with different fighting styles, with 20 special fighting skills for players khổng lồ nâng cấp each character. Tekken sản phẩm điện thoại will have sầu exciting game modes including Story Mode, Online and the exciting events that happen daily. Tekken sản phẩm điện thoại inherits the fighting style of the Tekken series as the powerful blows and combos knock down opponents extremely beautiful. In Story Mode mode, players will be able to explore the world in Tekken, transform into lớn the legendary Kazuya Mishima và fight through various battles to lớn understand the plot of the game. Players will gain experience and rewards lớn be able to lớn upgrade their character, as you will later have sầu to deal with powerful bosses.

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Dojo Challenge – Online Versus Battles, players will have to lớn build the squad lớn fight with other players. A competitive sầu online aremãng cầu khổng lồ win the highest ranking và receive sầu valuable rewards for the worthy. In addition, the Tekken thiết bị di động also has events, activities that take place every day to help gamers receive sầu attractive sầu rewards.

Although Tekken is still full of deadly combat from the PC/Console version, Tekken is not finely tuned so gamers can feel the most comfortable with the touch mechanism. There, players just swipe their hvà across the screen to move sầu the character, while clicking on the left corner khổng lồ perkhung a regular attachồng while holding down a powerful blow lớn break the opponent’s defense. About the special martial arts, Tekken điện thoại for players to lớn activate the form of thẻ skills, just to release to see the character throw the charge or rush to the opponent & punch baông xã up. Witnessing the combat phase like this really gamers lượt thích to lớn feel the power transmitted through his hands, as powerful as the skills in the PC / Console.


Along with that, Tekken Mobile also has a great graphics platkhung .. it really goes far beyond any other antagonistic game at the moment. The models are either characters or the arena is shown in great detail, detailing each pattern on the clothes or muscle on the lighter body toàn thân. Say no more when this version of Tekken wrapped up its coat of graphics as a genuine Console sản phẩm, proving itself to lớn be a name that can not be ignored.

So what are you waiting for now, without downloading Tekken Mobile on Android và iOS right now? As a reminder, official access to lớn the store is still limited khổng lồ the majority of gamers. Fortunately, sydneyowenson.com has access to lớn the alternative tải về site, which lets you read Tekken Mobile’s miễn phí download directly here

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