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The Outlived
xiaojiao zhang
September 14, 2019 (2 years ago)


The game was released by a small studio from Trung Quốc. Yes, you do not hear the wrong word, it is Chinese. Recently, Trung Quốc has grown tremendously in the field of thiết bị di động gaming in general. Small và large publishers are racing lớn sprout up. Along with that is the game with new style was born. Although developed in Trung Quốc, The Outlived has international language, so players can rest assured lớn complete this game.

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Zombie pandemic

The zombie catastrophe is a pretty standard fiction story; it has been put on film many times. Of course, both mobile và computer games. Not in the exception danh mục. The Outlived also has a zombie survival mode. In this mode, you will join some other players into a world of zombies. All human beings are infected with a dangerous vi khuẩn, causing them khổng lồ become blood-thirsty corpses. How can we survive sầu this devastated world? Find the weapons, necessities, set up the house sure khổng lồ fight the body alive sầu scary. Get acquainted with this because what if this disaster happens in our real life? (I’m joking: D)


Solo Survival – Survival Challenge – Multi-Survival

One vs 100 as PUBG? No, in this game you can join many other players. The Outlived gives us a huge community. You can play with thousands of other gamers around the world. Try to lớn beat all the people in this game. Be the last survivor; you will be a champion.

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Another cấp độ that players can try is Solo Survival. This mode allows you and your friends to create a fight room. Two people will confront each other on a large island. Of course, who is more extended, who will be the winner?


Real survival

In PUBG Mobile, you’ll just have sầu khổng lồ knoông xã down opponents with your rifle. However, in The Outlived, everything will start at zero. The player will not have anything in hvà. You will have sầu khổng lồ find pieces of wood for the fire. Drop wild animals khổng lồ look for food or even mix up a small tent khổng lồ sleep when night falls. With this game, to lớn find the winner is a very long process. The weapon in the game is not much, but it sure enough for you. Players will have sầu sharp knives, pistols và rifles with high power. Take the bloody zombies & fight them.

Graphics – Links

Although not highly rated, the graphics of the game are unmistakable. It can even match Jurassic Survival and Last Day on Earth: Survival, Day R Premium. Characters và maps in the game are designed in shaded 3 chiều cubes. Although not as authentic as other survival games, The Outlived may only focus on his official plot. The game has appeared on Google Play, what else lớn expect without downloading this game with the liên kết below. Sure, this is a survival game that you have khổng lồ try in March.