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Be prepared, you are prepared to lớn perkhung all the most difficult movements ever. Just tải về Vector MOD APK khổng lồ your device …

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Introducing the game Vector

Have sầu you heard about Parkour? Explaining about Parkour, this is a sport derived from a number of military techniques, in which athletes must use practical skills lớn avoid obstacles. You only need a T-shirt, a pair of pants, a pair of sports shoes and training to become a parkour athlete. Of course, you also need to lớn practice hard and seriously because this is a quite dangerous sport, it is very easy khổng lồ have an accident.

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Why do I mention this topic? Because parkour is the inspiration for the publisher Nekki to release Vector – the game I will nhận xét below. This is an endless running game with the same gameplay as Subway Surfers.


Besides, the story khổng lồ start the game is also very interesting. You are an employee of a mysterious company. After a lot of pressure from work and from your trùm, you feel unable to st& it anymore. Take off your shirt and work vest, throw away all the papers that your boss gives you, break the window (on the 30th floor of a certain building), you jump down. But luckily, you are a super parkour artist. Try khổng lồ run as fast as you can, passing through the rooftops in the city or security staff will catch up and you will be electrocuted.

Graphics like Shadow Fight


It can be said that Vector is the parkour version of Shadow Fight . Nekki’s special graphics technology highlights the context behind because the main character in the game is blachồng shadows. Although it is only 2D graphics, the movements of the characters are very flexible like the actors in action movies. The movements of the characters are varied & realistic, suitable for the circumstances that bring you an interesting experience. As far as I feel, the game has a bit of lag during control, so you may play a few times to get used to lớn it.



There are two modes you can choose when playing Vector: Story mode and Hunter mode. The whole game is a chase between security staff and office employee guy. Both have the technique of a parkour athlete. In story mode, you are the office employee guy. Your task is khổng lồ vì everything lượt thích running, jumping, climbing, rolling, … khổng lồ overcome obstacles và run khổng lồ the finish line. Rethành viên, security personnel is always right behind you. Unlượt thích security guards in Subway Surfers, he can catch up with you anytime và is ready to shochồng you. So you need lớn be clever & perform the movements correctly.

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Vector‘s control is very simple. Swipe up khổng lồ jump, swipe up twice in a row to persize double jump, swipe down to lie và slide when encountering obstacles above sầu. When meeting acceleration areas, swipe to the right lớn accelerate. You have sầu lớn vì chưng it because security personnel can also speed up in this area.

If you don’t want lớn be a runaway, try acting as a security officer in Hunter mode. Although he wears a security officer unisize look so heavy, he still has very good speed and the ability lớn perkhung parkour techniques smoothly. As long as you get cchiến bại to lớn the crime, you can shoông chồng him with your device in h&.

Unlock 100+ parkour moves


Another feature of this game reminds me of Shadow Fight. To increase the appeal, you can collect gold & use it lớn unlock new skills that you can apply in the game. These skills are not automatically used, you need to lớn manipulate its bộ combo correctly. Doing these skills makes me feel much cooler than normal running & jumping. You can unloông xã and learn new skills by playing và collecting money.

Vector MOD APK Version

To shorten your time, we have Vector MOD APK version available below this article. The hack version gives you a large amount of money to lớn unloông chồng anything you want in the game.


Vector is a game where you can play all the nội dung within a few hours, but you still want to play more times when you are không tính tiền. You need to collect stars to lớn unloông chồng new levels. To vày that, you have to lớn go through the stages. To pass the stage, you need khổng lồ learn skills well enough lớn overcome obstacles. The failed times make you feel frustrated and want khổng lồ play again.