Zgirl 2: Last One is a zombie survival game for mobile, which is available to download for those who love Last Day on Earth.The zombie survival genre is not strange in Smartphone. However, with the success of Last Day on Earth, new life features for the series has been inspired by many developers to continue developing the new games.

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Zgirls 2-Last One Mod 1.0.53 APK MOD Unlimited Resource Latest/Update

With a visual perspective, meticulous gameplay và fascinating system of hunting và survival, Last Day on Earth really made a storm on Smartphone in the past. Today, we will introduce to lớn you one of the lachạy thử survival games similar khổng lồ Last Day on Earth, but many special features, it’s Zgirls II-Last One


Zgirls 2-Last One Mod Features:

Unlimited ResourcesUnlocked full content

The Storyline of the game:

After an unprecedented global war, in 2058, humanity began khổng lồ rebuild everything from ruins. At this time, the largest organization at the time was the Paradise Group, which began a project that would help change the future for all humanity – the Humanitarian Project. By sending the kiểm tra subjects khổng lồ different lands lớn look for new resources, you will be one of the subjects that will be responsible for this. All kiểm tra subjects are sent lớn a mysterious and scary islvà, against a lot of immortal monsters, và you are completely un-equipped with anything. In this world, the only truth is SURVIVAL. Terror does not stop at zombies because you will also be challenged by hunger, cold, exhaustion & even attacks from other players. Only the last survivor is the winner.


Survival Gameplay:

Like Last Day on Earth, Zgirls II-Last One Mod APK brings gamers to a dead l& và leaves them at all to save their lives. You may be surprised at what you need to vị lớn survive sầu. But you will get used lớn the pace of the game soon và start looting everything if it is possible.In the beginning of the game, your character has not been equipped anything. We recommend you lớn start picking up the simplest things lớn start building your base. There are things you should pichồng up first such as Birch, Stone, Glass, và Raspberry. With the first 3 ingredients, you can create weapons that can be used for Ax, BluePrint, Flags … With these things, you can use khổng lồ cut trees or quarry, build houses door & many essential belongings. The crafting system in Zgirl 2: Last One is extremely varied, you can craft everything for survival, just get the necessary ingredients.

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The principle of survival that you should remember:

Collect the ingredients as many as possible. They will help you in building the base, making weapons against zombies.Hunting is the fasdemo way lớn get food, & you will need to cook them before eating.The best equipment for your character, ZGrirl 2 Mod APK delivers a customizable series that allows you khổng lồ completely change the look of your character with the ability to change clothes, shoes, hats, weapons…

A large maps of many different zones:

Zgirls 2-Last One Mod is also divided inkhổng lồ small areas on the bản đồ, giving gamers an opportunity to lớn explore the world & confront new dangers. Each Zone will have sầu different hazards, và you will face Walker – a mutated creature, dangerous wolves & many other terrible things. You can traông chồng the lands you move sầu through the Maps feature of the game.


Different Graphics:

About Graphics, it is a survival game with horror elements. However, compared to lớn Last One on Earth, Zgirl 2: Last One does not own gloomy and deadly images, instead of anime style. The bright và friendly, Zgirl 2: Last One is also impressive with top-down gameplay that provides visual looks lớn the players. Everything in the game is well-designed. So, if you want a new experience with survival genre but not too gloomy and bloody, this is definitely a good choice for you.

Download Zgirls 2-Last One Mod Unlimited Resources for Android

Zgirl 2 is one of the newest games in the genre of điện thoại survival, but it still has lots of interesting points you can explore. The mod version of Zgirl 2 is available at our website. You can download the game now.

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