Free fire apk obb

App NameFree Fire Mod Apk
Compatible withAndroid 4.0.3 plus
Latest versionv1.59.5
Google play linkcom.dts.freefireth
Size46. MB / 620 MB

Free Fire mod android Unlimited Diamonds : Every now & then, there are a millions of games launched that become so popular & gets really addicted lớn them. Everyone all around the world goes nuts playing them. One such game that is a shooting game with many missions is known as Garena Free Fire Mod Apk.

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It has been developed by 111 dots studio & is ranked for 4.5+. The users of this game have sầu also given amazing Đánh Giá about it. One thing they love sầu the most about this game is it’s amazing graphics. They all feel lượt thích they’re very realistic & clear.


This is a very thrilling game that has many different guns & snipers involved that everyone loves lớn play with. You can also play it all over the world with your friends for a more cooler experience with voice chats so that everyone can discuss the game while playing it. How cool is that?


Moreover, Free Fire Mod Apk version is much easier since it has many characters unlocked, an unlimited amount of coins, option to lớn customize characters và what not. So tải về this game ASAP và start playing it for a thrilling và joyful experience. The specifications of this game are mentioned down below.



Table of Contents

Pros và ConsCons: Features: Mod features: FAQ’sDoes this game have any in ứng dụng purchases?

Pros và Cons


Free of cost:

This game is completely miễn phí of cost. You don’t have to lớn pay a single penny in order khổng lồ play it. How amazing is that?

No root:

This file requires no root. It’s completely root free.



Huge File size:

This game has a huge file size so it can stuck the users phone & use more storage.

Highly addictive:

This game is highly addictive. User should not play it for many hours in a day.



The graphics of this game are amazing. They are extremely clear, smooth và realistic. Your player will have an amazing time paying this game & having an enjoyable time.

Land whoever you want:

you can now l& wherever you want in this game. Its all uplớn you. You can now l& at any specific place you want khổng lồ play.


You can also play with upto lớn 50 players at one time. The more you survive sầu và kill your enemies the more you rank & grow. Sounds cool, right?

Numerous guns:

There is a vast amount of guns to lớn choose from. You can now kill your enemies with different gun lượt thích AWM, MI6A4 & much more.

Several languages:

You can now play with people all over the world since this game supports several languages.


You can also make your own 4 player team with voice chat so that you can plot your mission with teo ordination amongst your partners.

Safety accessories:

There are also many safety accessories available in this game like different helmets, armour sets and much more.

Different game modes:

This game also provides the users with different game modes. It’s totally upto you which mode you want to play in.

Maps divided:

Your maps are also divided into lớn different areas like airports etc making it easier for you to lớn locate different areas.

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Different environments:

Your player can now play in different environments too. It can be day or night, summer or winter.

Mod features:

Unlimited health:

you don’t have sầu to worry about your players health now, in this hack feature you are provided with unlimited health.

All character unlocked:

all characters in this version are unlocked. You can choose your favourite character và start having an amazing time.

No fog:

There’s no fog in this game making it easier for everyone lớn enjoy this incredible game. You don’t have lớn worry about playing in the cold night time mode.

No grass:

moreover there’s no grass too. Your player can easily move from one area together and target its enemies.

Free Fire hack apk Unlimited Diamonds coins/diamonds:

players are also provided with an unlimited amount of coins so that they can buy their own accessories lượt thích guns & snipers. They don’t have khổng lồ worry about their coin limit.

Customise character:

You can also customise your character according lớn what you like in your player.

How to lớn install?

There are some very easy steps khổng lồ install this game. All you have to vì chưng is download it from the mạng internet.First, go lớn the privacy settings of your phone và enable unknown sources.Now, go khổng lồ the links you want khổng lồ download this game from & start the downloading process.Once the tải về is complete go khổng lồ the tệp tin manager & find ‘không tính tiền fire mod’Once you find this file, Tap on it và start the installation process.If the game is installed, you will find the game inhỏ on your home page screen.mở cửa the game và start enjoying!


Who is the developer of this game?

The developer of this game is 111 dot studquả táo.

Does this version have character unlocked?

Yes. This apk tệp tin has all characters unlocked.

Is this game safe?

Yes. Downloading this game is completely safe. Your phone will be completed safe when you download it. There will be no viruses entering your phone.

What are the graphics of this game?

The graphics of this game are very realistic & it has smooth graphics. One will have sầu an amazing time playing it.

What is the tệp tin kích cỡ of this game?

This file kích thước of this game is 40Mb+350 Mb.

Does this game have any in phầm mềm purchases?

If you tải về this game from the google play store then it will require some in ứng dụng purchases but that is not the case with this game android version. It has no charges involved.

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