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Have you ever imagined yourself in the shoes of a hacker? There is a way khổng lồ vị it & it is through a hacking simulator. Through these simulators, you can experience the scenarquả táo & challenges that a hacker faces today. We"ll introduce you to some of the most exciting hacking simulators. Maybe you will discover the potential hacker that hides inside you.

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When most people hear the word hacker or hacking, they usually relate both terms lớn illegal activities carried out by people with a deep knowledge of computers, programming languages & everything that an ordinary computer user could never vày online.

However, the figure of the hacker has been stereotyped & only a bunch of people informed about the hacking culture know that a hacker is not always a criminal, in fact, many hackers work khổng lồ protect the systems of several companies by designing security systems.

Activism is part of the hacking culture.

Speaking in real terms, a hacker is a person passionate about learning & with enough discipline and curiosity to lớn improve their knowledge and computer skills. However, we must also point out that the term hacker can be applied khổng lồ any area of knowledge, not just information giải pháp công nghệ.

In the field of computing, the mind of a hacker moves through curiosity và that leads hyên khổng lồ explore new possibilities & horizons that sometimes annoy many corporations, especially when the hacker manages lớn expose the vulnerabilities of powerful computational systems. Want to know what it feels lượt thích khổng lồ be a hacker? Try it out with these hacking simulators!


Hackmud is a hacking simulator adapted as an online đoạn phim game. The scenario is a fictional world in which humans have sầu disappeared and you are an AI robot. Your mission is khổng lồ earn cryptocurrency to survive sầu (we are not far from that).

However, the most interesting thing is that because it"s an online game, any unknown player can act as an intruder, infiltrate your accounts và steal your earned cryptocurrencies, our decryption tools và reveal your location. That"s right, a total nightmare if this were real.

To survive in Hackmud it is necessary that you have sầu basic notions of Javascript or some other programming language. Are you ready khổng lồ defkết thúc yourself?

Did you know that...?

Cloud in is protected on various levels. Servers are secured by a firewall & anti-DDoS shield và cloud infrastructure is backed up to another location. Moreover, our data centers are monitored by experienced technical tư vấn 24/7.

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Hacker Experience

Are you ready to be a hacker and fight in a world controlled by megacorporations? Oops! It seems that the world has turned inlớn that already!

Anyway, this simulator offers you the opportunity to experience creating an alliance with other hackers khổng lồ earn money & enough power lớn dominate the cybernetic scene of the game. The Hacker Experience offers you deep gameplay features. It is also a good tool to exercise your knowledge of security and privacy.

During the game, you will have sầu lớn put your computer experience inlớn practice lớn find new programs, install viruses, update your hardware, hack your enemies, and join missions generated by other users in the deep Web.

In short, tin tặc Experience is a real-time open source hacking simulator that you don’t want lớn skip if you want to feel cybernetic adrenaline.

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Do you know that...?

Cloud in Master Internet datacentres is protected on various levels so you can stop worrying about hackers. Servers are protected by firewall và anti-DDoS shield & cloud infrastructure is backed up lớn another location. Moreover, our datacentres are monitored by experienced technical support 24/7.

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Bruteforce Hacking Simulator

A brute-force attachồng is defined as a method lớn obtain confidential information và credentials to access any system by using many passwords or passphrases. In a brute force attack, the intruder or hacker uses automated software to generate so many guesses about the value of the desired data.

As soon as you enter Bruteforce Hacking Simulator, you will see a simulator prepared with code to lớn initiate a brute force attack using HTML, CSS, and JS. This will give you an idea about the vulnerabilities of a system when a hacker starts firing on the site. There is not much more lớn say, just enter the simulator and tell us how you feel.


Travel through IP.. addresses and establish links with clandestine hacker communities. That is Hacknet"s topic. In this hacking simulator, you can act like a real hacker using command lines to lớn run programs, infiltrate the directories of your targets và attachồng. We all know that writing code goes well with a good selection of music for programming so you can put more adrenaline in the game with your favorite soundtrachồng to lớn immerse yourself in feeling the secrecy.

Hacknet provides the user with a terminal và it is necessary to have sầu at least have sầu basic knowledge of commands similar to Linux. In the simulator, you will face Blaông chồng Hat hackers. Hacknet will surely become one of your favorites.

Alpha Secret Republic

In the Alpha Secret hacking simulator, you will enter a futuristic environment where you can even kiến thiết your own hacker missions. Most of the graphics in this simulator have sầu been designed by volunteer programmers, as well as một nửa of the soundtrack.

Version 3 of Alpha Secret Republic is the most complete. Hacking skills are automatic and random. The user has tools such as viruses & terminal-based missions. Players can participate in battles or games through a network of nodes in which players can hachồng each other. You can also make use of simulated servers and more.

How khổng lồ recognize a hacker 

There are different types of hackers; those who use their knowledge to lớn promote a political cause with social purposes in which they fight against repressive governments, or those who simply seek challenges to apply their knowledge. Anyway, the hacker culture is interesting because Internet & other systems would not evolve as fast without them. Discover how many types of hackers are out there.

Blaông chồng Hats

A Blaông chồng Hat hacker is a speciadanh sách in obtaining and exploiting vulnerabilities in systems, databases, networks, operating systems, software and more. Blaông chồng hats have sầu a dark reputation, just lượt thích their nickname. The biggest attacks are attributed lớn systems of large corporations with different purposes. Normally this type of hacker only launches attacks lớn benefit him personally. 

White Hats

The White Hats are identified as hackers that are responsible for detecting the vulnerabilities of the systems & correcting them. In general, they are responsible for the design & implementation of security and defense measures against black hats. White hats are usually hired by large corporations to ensure the security và confidentiality of their data.

Gray Hats

Gray Hat hackers are aước ao those hackers that exploit vulnerabilities & those that correct and defover the systems. The computer skills of a gray hacker are generally above sầu average và, in general, their services are quite required by companies focused on cybersecurity.

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