Started playing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery but never seem to lớn have enough energy. Cheông chồng out all the secret cheats for getting more không lấy phí energy in the game plus best tips for managing the energy you have, here.Jam City
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery released Wednesday & quickly soared lớn the top of the Most Downloaded sản phẩm điện thoại Game charts. The game, which takes the form of an adventure/interactive sầu story, has a lot going for it in terms of aesthetic appeal và story nội dung. One of the biggest complaints about the game, however, has been its freemium model. Although it"s không tính tiền lớn download & play the game, completing certain activities in the game quickly và successfully often requires the use of premium resources -- the scarcest of which is energy.

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Since energy is used to complete quests such as lessons và classes, it"s probably the most prized resource in the game. You get an additional energy point once every 4 minutes until you hit a cap (the cap is determined by your player màn chơi & additional skills). Because energy is such a limited resource at times, it makes it difficult khổng lồ successfully complete an activity in a timely fashion. Since some activities come with consequences -- namely the loss of house points -- if you don"t complete them to lớn a satisfactory màn chơi, you might feel compelled khổng lồ spkết thúc your hard-earned cash on energy refills just so you can get the job done.

We"ve sầu played the game for the last couple of days &, while progress is slightly more challenging if you"re a free-to-play user, moving forward & doing well with your story isn"t impossible. In fact, there are a number of little cheats or secrets in the game that can help you accumulate more energy at a decent rate so that you and your house stay in the running for the House Cup. If you"re playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery and aren"t too thrilled about dumping a pile of money inlớn it, check out our complete guide of tricks for finding all the không tính phí energy in the game & the best strategies for using it.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats, Tips & Secrets: How To Get More Energy And Manage It Wisely


There are several locations where you can find không lấy phí secret energy perks in Harry Potter Hogwarts Academy.Jam City

Tip #1: Gather Free Secret Energy Easter Eggs

Ever been in the middle of a class or quest and need just a couple extra energy khổng lồ finish it off? The good news is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery does have several nifty little easter eggs that unlochồng a few more bits of energy. It"s uncertain yet how many times these can be used in the day. It appears lớn be about 2-3 times a day so maybe every 8 hours or so. Here"s where you can find all the secret energy in the game. If you aren"t" sure how to lớn get lớn these locations, simply tap on the stairs inhỏ on the left-h& side of your game screen & it will show you a menu of all the locations you can visit. Most locations hold one secret energy easter egg.

East Towers - Find the blaông xã painting near the Charms Class. Tap on it và a little girl will appear, yielding one energy.West Towers - Find a painting with a White tree trunk or branches near the Prefect"s Bathroom. Tap on it và three oranges will appear, yielding you one energyLower Floor – West: Stvà in front of the Great Hall & to the right you will see three Knights holding a sword or shield. Two of them will be holding their equipment slanted or sideways. Tap on the statues. They will switch items và stand correctly, yielding you one energy point.Lower Floor – West: On the right side of the Great Hall where the disorderly Knights were found, you"ll see a pillar that is meant khổng lồ hold a lamp. It is not lit. Tap to lớn light it & gain one energy.

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Dungeons: Look around till you spot a snoozing House-Elf. Tap hyên ổn lớn startle hyên awake & earn an energy point.Lower Floor - East (Unlocks Year 2): Between the Library & History of Magic Classroom you will see a bench with some messy books và papers lying about. Tap on them to organize the books and earn an energy point.Lower Floor - East (Unlocks Year 2): Go khổng lồ the far right & you should see a ladder going up to lớn the Divination Classroom. Peeves the ghost will be near there. Tap on hlặng & he"ll mochồng you & give sầu you one energy pointHogsmeade (Unlocks Year 3): In the street between the Three Broomsticks & Honeydukes there is an alley. At the end you"ll see a boy waving at you. Tap on him và he"ll slide down on is sled, giving you one energy point.Castle Grounds: Look out on the grounds & you should see a large tree branch or stiông chồng lying around. Tap on it khổng lồ make a dog come running after it và gain an energy point.


Learning new flying skills earns you higher maximum energy limits in the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game.Jam City

Tip #2: Unlock/Learn More Flying Skills

Charms, Potions và Flying Lessons all come with special perks they give sầu you, but Flying is most useful for getting more energy. Each new flying skill you learn increases your maximum energy amount by one point.


Completing classes and lessons can take a lot of energy, but there are some ways lớn minimize the energy used on these.Jam City

Tips #3: Plan Star Activities Carefully

Besides collecting miễn phí energy, you need lớn carefully plan your moves during events that require energy. There doesn"t seem to lớn be a phối amount of energy each activity uses but from what we"ve seen it appears khổng lồ be in multiples of five sầu. For example, a one-hour activity tends lớn take 5 to 10 energy per star depending how many stars are in the activity. An eight-hour activity, however, tends khổng lồ take about đôi mươi energy per star. Since you are given a few different activity options that require different amounts of energy, try to lớn choose the ones that will equal sets of 5 or 10 stars without going over, because the extra energy used doesn"t count towards the next star. For example, if you are working on a 10 energy star và you vì chưng a 4-energy activity, followed by two 5-energy activities you will have sầu spent 14 energy when only 10 was needed, wasting four precious energy. You can tap on an activity once to lớn see how much energy it requires, then tap on an unlit portion of the game screen to deselect it if you want lớn bởi vì a different one instead.

Tip #4: Set Up Notifications

Since energy plays a central role in the game, it"s a good idea to allow notifications for the game inside your device"s Settings tiện ích. This way when your energy is replenished you"ll be alerted & won"t miss out on completing an important assignment.

Got other tips and tricks for getting more energy in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery? Share them in the comments below!