Studio Spaces

Millard Art Center

TheMillard Art Centerconsists of two buildings totaling 12,000 square feet of classroom và work space including a large sculpture studio with a woodshop, ceramic kiln and 3 chiều printer.

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Millard 1

Millard 1 houses painting và sculpture studgame ios, which includes facilities for woodworking, welding, 3D printing & ceramics.

Millard 2

Millard 2 houses printmaking, photography, drawing studgame ios and digital/new truyền thông studquả táo, which includes facilities for developing film, large format printing, scanning, editing và projection. In addition, studio art senior majors are provided with individual studio spaces khổng lồ develop their bodies of work.

Millard Studio spaces

Both buildings contain private and shared studio spaces for senior majors working toward their individual bodies of work khổng lồ be exhibited in the Cantor Art Gallery.

Media Lab

The Media Lab in the Millard Art Center is designed lớn foster creative work in digital truyền thông, và examine the impact of electronic truyền thông media on the creative process. The goal of the lab is to explore the artistic potential of the computer khổng lồ manipulate và combine images, and address the new aesthetic questions raised by electronic truyền thông media. Connected khổng lồ both the photography and printmaking studgame ios, the lab is ideally located for mixed media work, and large enough to allow for expansion into lớn multitruyền thông.

The lab is equipped with 14 iMac workstations and two Mac Pro tower stations with Apple cinema displays. Other equipment includes Wacom drawing tablets, flatbed/film scanners, large format inkjet printers và a laser printer. Each computer is equipped with a wide variety of imaging and thiết kế software including the Adobe Creative sầu Cloud suite.

Media Lab Hours (Academic Year)


Noon - Midnight

Monday - Thursday

9 a.m. - Midnight


9 a.m. - 6 p.m.




Situated in the sculpture và painting studio in the Millard Art Center, the Makerspace allows students to lớn use digital giải pháp công nghệ to lớn create physical objects và tools lớn enhance their studio practice. The lab boasts a laser cutter, 3D printer and electronics workspace.

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Exhibition Spaces

Ramp Gallery in the Millard Art Center

The Millard Art Center's Ramp Gallery hosts a diverse arrangement of student work serving as a multifunctional space for critiques, group exhibitions and studio art major/minor Đánh Giá.

Weigand Gallery in the Hogan Campus Center

In addition, the Fenwick Hall and Weigand Gallery in the Hogan Campus Center provide a more public venue for showcasing student work. Exhibitions in these spaces are curated by visual arts faculty and members of the Student Art Society (SAS).

Fenwiông xã Hall Gallery
Cantor Art Gallery

Studio art senior majors also have the opportunity of exhibiting their individual bodies of work in the college's distinguished Cantor Art Gallery. The Cantor Gallery most notably provides a public venue for traveling exhibits, contemporary, modern và historic art.


Equipment Library

Students enrolled in studio art have sầu greater access lớn equipment and materials used across diverse truyền thông through the Millard Art Center'sEquipment Library. In collaboration with Din& Library, students have sầu the ability to loan a variety of photography/new truyền thông equipment in addition lớn h& và power tools, mirrors & more.

View the equipment library inventory.

Holy Cross Libraries


The Holy Cross Libraries offer students many options lớn learn more about art.

To explore worldwide content beyond Holy Cross, search WorldCat, request delivery through interlibrary loan, & piông xã your materials up at the Din& Library.


Notice of Nondiscrimination

The College of the Holy Cross does not discriminate unlawfully in admission to, access lớn, treatment in or employment in its programs and activities on the basis of a person"s race, religion, color, national origin, age, marital or parental status, veteran status, sex, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other legally protected status, including in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship & loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. Individuals who feel that they have sầu been discriminated against based upon any of these categories may contact the Director of the Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity. The College"s full Nondiscrimination Statement is available here.

College of the Holy Cross • 1 College Street, Worcester, MA 01610 • 508-793-2011

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