Second Hokage


This Toddler hoodie is an all-season favorite & is comfortable for any movement. Find your perfect art và Buy your own Toddler Hoodie

7.5 oz., 60/40 combed ringspun cotton/polyesterWhite is sewn with 100% cốt tông threadJersey-lined double-needle hem hoodCoverstitched shoulders và armholesSide-seam pocketsCoverstitched ribbed waistbvà & cuffsCPSIA compliant tracking label in side seamEasy Tear™ label

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Size Chart

US SizeBody Length (inches)Body Width (inches)Sleeve Length (inches)
2T15 5/814 1/212
4T16 5/815 1/212 3/4
5/617 5/816 1/213 1/2

Jessica 18 October 2019

My son looks gorgeous in this hoodie, I"ll keep buying, you guys are awesome!

Hokage Toddler Hoodie

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By tshiart

If you want to lớn see more amazing arts lượt thích this, go to the artist protệp tin "tshiart" and discover your new purchase!

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This Hokage is available in a vast array of color options, và offers a simplistic but eye-catching thiết kế on the front. If you"re a fan of Hokage, then this kiến thiết is definitely the one for you! You can find this kiến thiết available on any style from a ladies fitted shirt to lớn a men"s crewnechồng sweatshirt.


Print Technique

Digital printing is an amazing process that involves your artwork "Hokage" being processed by a computer and then printed directly onlớn the surface of your hàng hóa. Digital printing is not a heat transfer or applique, as the ink directly adheres lớn the fabric of your shirt. Each printing process has its strengths, và our artwork team will weigh these when deciding which lớn use for your art.

Plot Printing Consists of both Floông chồng & Flex Print, This process transfers your artwork "Hokage" from a special foil through an immense amount of pressure & heat. Flex images are smooth, a little plastic lượt thích and a tad bit glossy. Flock images have sầu a fuzzy velvet-like texture and appear slightly more elevated. Think of drawing just the shadows and how that would appear without color. 3 colors plus the color of the garment itself is used to print.

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