Honey select unlimited extend: more bang for your 60 bucks

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a game by Illusion
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.6/10 - 59 votes
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If you love sex games, you have heard about Honey Select, well Honey Select Unlimited is the expansion for that! This is one of the most popular và famous erotic games that has ever been made. If anime-style girls with giant boobs who are up for anything is what you want, well this expansion is going khổng lồ certainly be something that gets you going.


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Create Your Honey

A huge appeal for many people when it comes khổng lồ this game is the character creation software. The detail you can get inlớn here is once again nuts và something that rivals the WWE games when it comes lớn creating characters. As you would expect from an expansion, you have sầu a ton of new options for creating your dream girl.

You can make a “normal” looking girl if you want. Or you can go kind of nuts và make some robotic looking lady! It is up to lớn you what you want to lớn bởi, but the character creation suite is pretty damn advanced và something you can easily spend hours messing around with. The visual style is once again great, I like how the game has a kind of 3 chiều anime look lớn it and it is something that is very appealing.

Fusion Dance!

One thing that is pretty neat is the way that you can take two characters và fuse them together to lớn make a new third character! The modding scene is all over this and if you have ever wanted to take two of your favorite characters, let’s say Princess Zeldomain authority & Tifa from Final Fantasy & smash them together, you can! This works quite well & it is interesting how the game decides what part of each character khổng lồ keep.

Getting It On!

The actual gameplay of Honey Select Unlimited is what you would expect. You want lớn get it on not just with the girl you have created, but really with anything that has a pulse & a mix of boobs! You will need to lớn “talk” to lớn the new girl và get to lớn know her before she lets you have your way with her. However, you have many other girls that will proposition you for sex và this is rather interesting. You can just have sầu fun or your side piece may over up with a huge amount of jealousy thrown your way which can be hard to giảm giá with.

I like how they have at least tried to make a “game” out of this & while it is all about sex with hot girls. I vì lượt thích how they have sầu added a “game” aspect here and that you are kept on your toes as you play the game.


I know that a game like Honey Select Unlimited is seen as a game about sex… và it is! However, this is a rather good game in that genre và I vì chưng think that this expansion adds enough lớn the core game that it makes it worth checking out. At the kết thúc of the day, if you enjoyed what the original Honey Select is offering, I am sure you will have sầu a great time with this.

Final Score 8/10


The character creation suite is once again amazingPlenty of side girls lớn score withThe game is pretty funFantastic anime-style visualsFusing two characters together is cool


Extremely NSFWThe character creation suite may be a bit complex for some
reggie posted a review

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Overall rating: 8

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