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What follows is our selection of factors for each linguistic factor group; each is illustrated with an example.
Example 5 illustrates the possibility that certain privatization policies will lead to endogenous oscillations that may or may not die out asymptotically.
Having membership in two cultures sometimes results in conflict, and this client aptly illustrates the bicultural0bilingual struggle.
I would not describe it as "technological," but it illustrates the virtue of including in taught courses some visions of the retìm kiếm frontier.
Anecdotal evidence that illustrates the confusion as to what is standard also shows up in an undergraduate"s comment.
The third example, dynamic linker và loader, illustrates separation of concerns supported by generative components.
The next fragment illustrates the canonical word order in which a subordinate clause precedes the main clause.
The first page illustrates the density & intensity, the monocular vision and instantaneous or near-instantaneous time of lyric epiphany.

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The author then illustrates the application of this method in its adapted size in the context of her own research.
The following fragment from a telephone conversation illustrates this kind of linguistic object, the use of which we shall examine in this ar ticle.
These examples are from corpora và from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples vì not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.




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