2 : the act or action of bringing khổng lồ or as if to lớn a center also : integration this implosion of cultures makes realistic for the first time the age-old vision of a world culture — Kenneth Keniston
implosive im-​ˈplō-​siv
, -​ziv adjective sầu or noun
Recent Examples on the Web If that fails, Myanmar could face a crisis that resembles Syria’s implosion, said a nongovernmental expert on conflict management speaking privately to lớn avoid jeopardizing his staff in Myanmar.

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— David Pierson, Los Angeles Times, "Idle businesses, uncollected taxes. How Myanmar is tumbling toward a ‘failed state’," 24 Mar. 2021 In the course of an overnight stay, Zuckerman is witness khổng lồ his idol’s domestic implosion. — David Remniông chồng, The New Yorker, "The Secrets Philip Roth Didn’t Keep," 22 Mar. 2021 But the trailer also highlights how Neumann grew increasingly erratic over time, & the clip ends with WeWork’s implosion khổng lồ near-bankruptcy just six weeks after it was valued at $47 billion. — Jon Blistein, Rolling Stone, "Hulu Drops Trailer for New Documentary Delving Inkhổng lồ the Implosion of WeWork," 17 Mar. 2021 Kings forward Harrison Barnes still makes the most sense, especially amid Sacramento’s implosion. — Adam Himmelsbach,, "Eight things to lớn keep an eye on in the second half of the Celtics season," 9 Mar. 2021 The idea was to keep it cthảm bại late inkhổng lồ the game, & then hope either for some magic or an Aztecs implosion out of frustration.

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— Mark Zeigler, San Diego Union-Tribune, "Aztecs survive sầu scare from Wyoming in Mountain West Tournament opener," 11 Mar. 2021 The blank-kiểm tra company board member who messaged hyên ổn reached out in early October, after Nikola’s implosion. — Craig Trudell, Fortune, "Is the boom in electric vehicle stocks almost over?," 19 Dec. 20đôi mươi Sadly, Arecibo’s implosion now makes the argument for its enduring worth much harder lớn make because repairs and upgrades are far cheaper than rebuilding something from a pile of debris. — Robin George Andrews, Scientific American, "Arecibo’s Collapse Sends Dire Warning khổng lồ Other Aging Observatories," 11 Dec. 20đôi mươi The implosion of the decaying Trump Plaza just after 9 a.m. on Ash Wednesday sent up clouds of dust, smoke và ash as well as cheers & a chorus of oto horns. — Washington Post, "Trump Plaza was blown up in Atlantic City, và D.C.’s 1st Amendment display is in pieces.," 18 Feb. 2021

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