Isis draw 2

Drw - Word Processing và Chemical Drawing Press the your browsers refresh button before continuing


ISIS Draw (now called Bovia) & ChemSketch

ISIS và ChemSketch are available from reliable computers in our LRC (Library) on the fourth floor, and in our computer lab across from MS-401. Tutorials for using ISIS Draw (now called Bovia) are linked at the very bottom of this page.

FREE drawing programs are available:

Windows - PC Platform Bovia Freeware (ISIS Draw Alternative) for Windows only

Bovia Additional Freeware

ChemSketch-Free ACD-(download) for Windows only

Marvin Beans (download) - Windows

XDrawChem for Windows

Macintosh - OS X Platkhung (Hãng Intel Based CPU) Marvin Beans (dowload) - Free ChemAxon for Macintosh



OLD Macintosh OS 9 - (PowerPC Motorola CPU) OLD STUFF - OS 9 operating system only, Symyx MDL-ISIS Draw (download) for MAC

Dr Gergens" ISIS Draw Tutorials

Dr.Gergens" ISIS Draw Tutorials (cliông chồng here)

Course Activity template pages 41-47 in our laborotory manual for download:

Procedures và Write-Up.doc (download.doc) OR ( .docx ) Procedures & Write-Up.doc (download.pdf)

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