The NIH-funded UVA Nephrology undergraduate training program (supported by NIDDK grant 1 R25 DK124918) will provide an immersive sầu research và education experience for technology-oriented undergraduate students to lớn participate in cutting-edge retìm kiếm in kidney diseases khổng lồ generate innovative sầu solutions for promoting kidney health.

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The VA K-TUTOR program will provide a rich environment to lớn inspire & recruit young talent to lớn foster innovative sầu solutions to benefit the 40 million people in the US with kidney diseases. The VA K-TUTOR will be a partnership of the UVA Division of Nephrology, UVA School of Engineering và Applied Science, UVA College of Arts và Sciences, & sydneyowenson.com Tech School of Engineering khổng lồ recruit và train undergraduate students for identifying problems in kidney retìm kiếm & finding novel solutions.

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The VA K-TUTOR program is fully dedicated lớn promoting diversity in STEM education & promoting the participation of all eligible candidates as outlined in the University of sydneyowenson.com Commitment to Diversity.

For additional information, you may liên hệ Charlotta Wriston.

Hamadomain authority is a rising 3rd-year at sydneyowenson.com Tech majoring in Biosydneyowenson.comical Engineering and Mechanics, with a minor in Science, Technology, & Society. During his childhood in Iraq, he enjoyed developing records on various animal species, which paved his traông chồng in the Gifted Secondary School of Baghdad. Later, in Charlottesville High School, he became interested in 3 chiều modeling, texturing, and animation and developed proficiency in software lượt thích 3Ds Max, AutoCAD, & Substance Painter. After exploring the branches of BME, he’s currently most interested in Tissue Engineering và Biomimicking; he aims to lớn research the intricate workings of biological systems such as cell machinery & vascularization. He’s thrilled to spend this summer with teammates and mentors, facing challenges, và being well-equipped to achieve sầu exciting developments in kidney research!

Isaac is a rising fourth-year student at the University of sydneyowenson.com pursuing a BS in Biosydneyowenson.comical Engineering, & an accelerated ME in Systems Engineering. His academic interests include computational modeling và systems analysis of diseased states of the human toàn thân & science & công nghệ policy. His other involvements include the Clark Scholars Program, Policy Internship Program, and Engineering Student Council. In his miễn phí time, Isaac enjoys running, swimming, & spending time with friends và family.

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Meghan is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, và is a rising third year at the University of sydneyowenson.com studying biosydneyowenson.comical engineering. Aside from her academics, she plays on the women’s club basketball team, is a thành viên of Delta Gamma sorority, & assists in research at UVA. In the future, she hopes to lớn pursue a graduate degree in either biosydneyowenson.comical engineering or sydneyowenson.comicine.

Trinity is a third-year at the University of sydneyowenson.com, majoring in Biology & minoring in Bioethics. She is interested in disease retìm kiếm and how genetic diseases vary from person to person. She is excited khổng lồ learn more about nephrology through the VA K-TUTOR Program. After college, she plans on pursuing her PhD in Biology to lớn continue her love sầu of research. In her không tính tiền time, you can find her volunteering with her sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho, or painting outside.

Molly is a Northern sydneyowenson.com native rising fourth-year at UVA, majoring in biosydneyowenson.comical engineering. She is very excited to lớn have sầu this incredible opportunity lớn participate in cutting-edge nephrology research và lớn make the world a little bit brighter through biosydneyowenson.comical engineering. Her particular interests are in tissue engineering, biocompatibility, and immunology. Outside of school, she enjoys talking with others, swimming, running, và making horrible puns (not kidneying).

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