The Japanese Kabedon: Is It Romantic Or Is It Offensive?

» The one-person kabe-don machine: A terrifying way khổng lồ experience anime’s steamiest move【Video】Featured

Could anything be hotter, or scarier, than this wall-pound apparatus?

In Japanese romantic fiction, there’s no steamier move sầu than the kabe-don, where a gruff but secretively sensitive guy pounds the wall behind the girl he’s talking to, in a dynamic show of both his physical strength và desperate emotional vulnerability.

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However, as much as some women would lượt thích lớn be on the receiving end of this iconic declaration of love sầu, in the real world it’s not always so easy to lớn find someone willing khổng lồ make such a dynamic gesture. In the past, there was a kabe-don cà phê, kabe-don anime shop, and even kabe-don pizza delivery service, but those were all limited-time affairs. So are young maidens without a suitably strong-willed love interest doomed to a kabe-don-less life?

Nope, because now there’s a special single-person kabe-don machine!


— 楠うり。超神の水色ちゃん (
chokami_uri) July 24, 2019

In the above sầu đoạn phim, up-and-coming idol singer Uri Kusunoki (
on Twitter), tries the apparatus out for herself. No electriđô thị, gasoline, or any fuel is required khổng lồ operate it. The kabe-don machine is built on a frame of three connected rods, và all you need khổng lồ bởi vì is step down on the one that’s sticking up in the starting position


Watching the video, you’ll notice that due to lớn the weight of the boyfriover, the pliancy of the rod, or a combination of both, the rod bends as it rises, which provides a burst of acceleration due to the way the torso whips forward during the final stage of the rotation.

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As a matter of fact, the resulting impact (and perhaps the boyfriend’s lack of head or below-the-waist body) is so startling that while just about everyone has been entertained by the kiến thiết, some commenters aren’t sure they’d Call it romantic, with reactions such as:

“It’s lượt thích something out of a horror movie.”“It’s not so much a kabe-don as a kabe-DOOON!!!”“I think I’d throw a counterpunch to the body toàn thân as that thing comes at me.”“If you’re not standing in the right place when it comes up, it’s going khổng lồ sumo-slap you.”“This would really get my heart pounding, but not in a sexy way.”

If you’re wondering who to lớn thank/blame for this lakiểm tra advancement in kabe-don culture, it’s self-professed “extracurricular one-sided loving delusional inventor” Tiger Lee (
on Twitter), whose other creations include the “Simultaneous Cloông xã,” which has only a second and minute hvà.


— 【放課後片想い系妄想発明家 たいがー・りー】 (
tiger___lee) July 24, 2019

If you’d lượt thích to try the kabe-don machine for yourself, it’s part of a one-person exhibit Tiger Lee is currently holding at Toytoytoy, an interior goods shop in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, until August 12. Given the quality opportunity the kabe-don machine presents, though, there might be a line, so make sure you’ve got some music to listen to on your boyfriend hug speakers while you wait.

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