Pursuantkhổng lồ the 1992 Constitution of the Sociadanh sách Republic of Vietnam giới, which wasamended và supplemented under the Resolution No. 51/2001/QH10;
This Lawregulates on complaints and settlement of complaints against administrativedecisions or acts of state administrative agencies or competent persons inthese agencies; complaints và settlement of complaints related to lớn disciplinarydecisions against cadres or civil servants; reception of citizens; management& supervision of complaint settlement work.

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1. Complainmeans that a citizen, agency, organization, cadre or civil servant, accordingto lớn the procedures prescribed in this law, requests a competent agency,organization or person lớn reviews an administrative sầu decision or act of a stateadministrative sầu agency or competent person in such agency, or a disciplinarydecision against a cadre or civil servant when having grounds lớn believe sầu thatsuch decision or act is unlawful & infringes upon his/her/its rights andlawful interests.
2. Complainantmeans a citizen, agency, organization, cadre or civil servant who exercises theright khổng lồ complaint.
3. Withdrawalof a complaint means that a complainant requests a competent agency,organization or person to terminate his/her/its complaint.
4. Agenciesor organizations entitled khổng lồ complaint mean state agencies, politicalorganizations, socio-political organizations, social organizations,socio-professional organizations, economic organizations & people"s armedforces units.
5. Thecomplained subject means a state administrative agency or a competent person inthis agency that has issued an administrative decision or committed anadministrative act which is complained; a competent agency, organization orindividual that has issued a decision disciplining a cadre or civil servantwhich is complained.
7. Personswith related rights and obligations mean individuals, agencies ororganizations that are neither a complainant nor the complained subject but thecomplaint settlement is related to lớn their rights & obligations.
8. Administrativedecision means a document which is issued by a state administrative agencyor a competent person in such agency to decide on a specific issue in stateadministration management activities & is applied once to one or severalspecific subjects.
9. Administrativeact means an act of a state administrative sầu agency or a competent person insuch agency of performing or failing khổng lồ persize a task or official duty asprescribed by law.
10. Disciplinarydecision means a written decision issued by the head of an agency ororganization in order khổng lồ apply one of forms of disciplining against a cadre orcivil servant under his/her management under the law on cadres & civilservants.
11. Complaintsettlement means the acceptance, verification, conclusion và issuance of adecision on complaint settlement.
1. Complaintsof foreign agencies, organizations and individuals in Vietphái mạnh and settlement ofthese complaints comply with this Law, unless otherwise provided for by treatiesto which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam giới is a contracting tiệc nhỏ.

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2. Complaintsand settlement of complaints against administrative sầu decisions or administrativeacts in public non-business units & state enterprises comply with this Law.
3. Based onthis Law, competent bodies of political organizations, socio-politicalorganizations, social organizations và socio-professional organizations guidescomplaints and settlement of complaints within their bodies or organizations.
4. Based onthis Law, the Supreme People"s Court, Supreme People"s Procuracy, State Audit,National Assembly Office, President Office & other state agencies regulatecomplaints & settlement of complaints within their agencies.
5. In case anotherlaw otherwise provides for complaints & settlement of complaints, such lawwill prevail.
The makingcomplaints & settlement of complaints must comply with law; ensure objectiveness,publiđô thị, democracy and timeliness.
1. Agencies,organizations & individuals shall, within the scope of their functions, tasksand powers, promptly & lawfully receive sầu & settle complaints và strictlyhandle offenders; apply necessary measures to lớn prevent potential damage; assurefor complaint settlement decisions to be strictly executed and takeresponsibility before law for their decisions.
2. Concernedagencies & organizations shall coordinate with competent agencies,organizations và individuals in settling complaints; supplying information anddocuments relating khổng lồ complaints at the request of these competent agencies,organizations và individuals.
3. Agencies,organization and individuals shall kiểm tra và Review their administrativedecisions or acts or disciplinary decisions, & promptly modify or remedythese decisions or acts that are illegal, lớn avoid arising complaints.
The Stateencourages reconciliation of disputes among mỏi agencies, organizations andindividuals before competent agencies, organizations or persons settle suchdisputes.
1.Obstructing or causing troubles lớn persons exercising the right lớn complain;threatening, revenging or retaliating complainants.
2. Showingirresponsibility in settling complaints; refusing khổng lồ settle complaints;falsifying information, documents & dossiers of complaint case; intentionallysettling complaints at variance with law.